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    Commercial Backpack meal brands

    Costco sells a box with many meals at a bargain price. Mountain House meals are well packaged, tasty, and pack plenty of nutrition for the trail.
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    onX is hiring!

    I stopped in the office in Bozeman and visited with some great guys. Touting my exchange with Yellowstone Park young employees we met on the long NezPerce, Mary Mountain, Central Plateau, Hayden Valley hike as they gritched about losing the indistinct trail and getting disoriented. I showed...
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    Convincing the wife to move..

    "Nine months of winter and three months of company." ... or two Montana seasons: winter and construction!
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    Woodworking Hunt Talkers?

    Just completed dining room fir table top and fir bench which my boss (wife) has been requesting for at least a couple of hunting seasons. (now I'm ok for next fall).:sneaky:
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    MT residents thoughts on Steve Bullock

    Agreed! And if Gov Steve Bullock has the opportunity to appear and speak on a national stage, it will be received like a breath of fresh Montana air.
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    Mini trucks

    It would depend on the USFS or BLM travel plan, but generally motorized trail use is confined to vehicles no wider than 50 inches.
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    MT residents thoughts on Steve Bullock

    It's pretty easy to find a way to like Bullock, as he is the embodiment of an old fashioned true American, a real Montanan, as well as a public servant who has served as Attorney General, then Governor for the people of Montana ... all of the people, regardless of political bent.
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    Sleeping peacefully in griz country

    "It's an interesting thought about the use of cayenne pepper." Perhaps it warrants aerial spraying of backcountry campsites with a mixture of cayenne pepper and tabasco sauce.:D Suddenly the wilderness backpacking experience seems less appealing as cayenne pepper potentially permeates...
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    Favorite Pictures

    Take a look at the recent thread "Pics in WY". There are a couple dandy pronghorn pics there.
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    NRA On The Hot Seat - Exposed or Attacked?

    ... but with a gravy stain. WL never passes on the NRA gravy train.
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    Wednesday's Word...

    Amen, Festus. And it seems it has been too often ... yea, that I have walked through the valley of troubles.
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    NRA On The Hot Seat - Exposed or Attacked?

    Yep, gotta get back to my raking, mowing, burning, and beautifying. It's that all too brief summer greening ... and as the Duke exclaimed, "Daylight's burnin'!"
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    NRA On The Hot Seat - Exposed or Attacked?

    What truly makes communications platforms interesting is the difference in perspectives. Obviously NRA and firearms comments such as mine stir your ire. Your questions in response seem very serious, but come across to me as silly in lacking logical construction. Unfortunately our disparate...
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    Sleeping peacefully in griz country

    Bear spray is essentially a pepper / chemical spray which really shocks the respiratory system and irritates eyes and nasal passages. In order for it to do so during a bear encounter, the bear must move through / into the cloud of spray which hopefully you have dispersed out from you at about...
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    Overview of Federal Land controls and States Issues

    E-Rock, I meant no offense and apologize if it came across as an attack. The intent was to clarify that the western states could not "get back" what they never owned. The earlier "sagebrush rebellion" and the more recent Bundy followers continue to assert that the lands belong to the states...
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    Overview of Federal Land controls and States Issues

    Then what were you trying to assert took place regarding federal public lands at statehood as western states gained statehood through the Enabling Act(s)?
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    Overview of Federal Land controls and States Issues

    "... at statehood, the western states ceded control of those lands at state hood." FALSE! Western states never held / owned those lands. The western lands belonged to the Federal government through the Louisiana Purchase and other acquisitions. Thus the Fed govt cannot give land BACK to...
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    Montana HB265 Vetoed by Governor

    "Not sure if this applied just to state lands, or to all lands within the state." It applies primarily to privately held lands where the owner wishes to place the property under a conservation easement. The ranch in eastern Montana near Glendive, which started the controversy has conserved...
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    MT residents thoughts on Steve Bullock

    Yes, he and his family are outdoor recreationists who obviously and consistently support hunting and fishing. Gov Bullock formed the Montana Outdoor Recreation Office to support public lands and bolster outdoor recreation. He has been supportive of legislation and programs in the best...