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  1. kenton

    Wife got it done!

    That's awesome, congrats to her.
  2. kenton

    Another armed hiker from Colorado

  3. kenton

    Stick with the old or go new?

    I agree that the genius of the whisker biscuit is in its simplicity (I shot with one for 15 years) but to say it keeps the same speed as a drop-away rest cannot possibly be true. You can't have the entire surface area of the vanes contacting the "whiskers" and not lose some energy.
  4. kenton

    Idaho Rio/Merriam's Hybrid

    Beautiful bird, congrats
  5. kenton

    Rest step?

    I've never heard of this but it sounds like the exact opposite of what I would want. I KNOW for myself and THINK for many others that joints get sore long before muscles do. IMO
  6. kenton

    Stick with the old or go new?

    While staying within your budget, don't pick a bow based on price. Shoot a bunch of different new models and see what you like best. You may find a $400 bow that is feels better than your current one, or you may find that no bow under $1000 feels as good as what you already have. If the Hoyt...
  7. kenton

    Hello! A tenderfoot from Virginia

    Welcome Ben
  8. kenton

    Learning 2 Hunt Podcast

    A little late getting this new episode out because my guest was sick the week we planned on recording it. Anyway here is the write-up I did, I figure some would get a kick out of it. Whether its wild game or domestic meat, we all know how to savor a steak, but do you know how to savor a...
  9. kenton

    Got a good one

    very nice
  10. kenton

    Hello from a hoosier

    Welcome aboard
  11. kenton

    Helloooo from Louisiana

  12. kenton

    Hi from Wisconsin

  13. kenton

    CO first elk hunt!

    Welcome aboard
  14. kenton

    Virginia Tom

  15. kenton

    Learning 2 Hunt Podcast

    Thanks so much, I think Im getting better at it each episode.
  16. kenton

    New in Colorado

    Welcome aboard
  17. kenton

    Hello from the Yukon River

    Welcome aboard
  18. kenton

    Turkeys - lets see em

    2018 Turkey. First one ever.
  19. kenton

    New from Wisconsin

    welcome jeff