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  1. Scott85

    Tents tents and more tents.

    Went with the Copper Spur UL3, I will give an update once I get it and set it up. I think I have an addiction to shelters, I've been looking at a super tarp to add to the collection now.
  2. Scott85

    Commercial Backpack meal brands

    This list encompasses a lot more than just freeze dried meals, it's a good list of companies that have a wide range of stuff from single packets of condiments to protein cookies, to a place that sells a bunch of bulk freeze dried food to make your own meals.
  3. Scott85

    Mini trucks

    Has anybody gave any thought on using 4x4 mini trucks instead of an ATV or SXS? Would they be legal for trail use on National Forest and BLM land?
  4. Scott85

    Any Genre Friday

    Very fitting song for the post about wanting to move to Monanta. .
  5. Scott85

    Bear hunting in the rain - Waste of time?

    Isn’t that the reasons they sell tarps?
  6. Scott85

    If you could live anywhere...

    On a 100,000 acre ranch in Wyoming.
  7. Scott85

    music preferences

    Have you heard his new album?
  8. Scott85

    Fitness for mountains when you live at sea level - thoughts?

    I paid for the mountain tactical institute Backcountry Big Game Hunting plan. The workout was a little more complicated than what I was equipped for but I look forward to starting it shortly.
  9. Scott85

    Fitness for mountains when you live at sea level - thoughts?

    I had to switch to the bike from the elliptical when they did away with the elliptical. I use to max out the calories for the elliptical. The last time I did a PRT was over a year ago and I made the mistake of riding by bike to work before the PRT.
  10. Scott85

    "Pulling the Rug Out" - Preference/Bonus Point Systems

    Just think about all the private companies getting rich off of draws since most states use a 3rd party.
  11. Scott85

    Best pack for the money???

    They only have 2 frames not counting the R3 frame. I would pick your pack and order both frames and see what one you like the best. They have a 30 day return policy so you can send back the one that you don't like. That way you can have some time to test in out with weight in NC before heading...
  12. Scott85

    Workouts! What are we doing to prepare?

    I need to start working out, I want to loose 30 pounds before September. Right now I workout twice a year and that to pass the physical fitness test for the Navy.
  13. Scott85

    Hungry boo-boo

    I think you are incapable of taking a bad picture.
  14. Scott85

    Any GOT Viewers Here...

    I guess I'm one of the few that hasn't seen a single episode.
  15. Scott85

    Cartridge choices for Mauser action build..

    7x57 AI.
  16. Scott85

    All or Nothing - 2018 Missiouri Breaks Elk

    Congrats again on an amazing hunt and the write up is killer. I can't wait to read about your 2019 adventure.
  17. Scott85

    music preferences

    I like classic country, some of the new country but I listen to bluegrass old and new about 95% percent of the time.
  18. Scott85

    Help me trick out a Remington Ultimate 700 muzzleloader

    It's a shame they don't make these things left handed.
  19. Scott85

    AZ 2019 Fall Draw Now Open

    29 days or something like that.