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  1. AZBridger

    Grey Wolf

    Yeah, i shook my head a lot while listening to this podcast. My parents and uncle both own ranches in basically ground zero of the wolf reintroduction in the late 90's, early 2000's and i spend a lot of time around them. Some things i can add are: 1. there are a LOT more wolves than they want...
  2. AZBridger

    Breed help

    always been a hound person. i have a 120lb blood hound right now and he's a great dog. We got a Corgi about a year ago and i hate to admit it but she is a great dog. very smart and great with kids. easy to train, smart, listens well and won't run off.
  3. AZBridger

    Hydro dipping firearms

    Hydro Dip your C? that sounds like it might be painful
  4. AZBridger

    Worst wild game dish

    At coues deer camp in AZ about 12 years ago, we had 10 tags in camp and after a couple days, only one or two were filled. Someone got the bright idea that to kill deer, we needed to eat some of less than desirable parts of the one that had been taken already. They cut up the lungs, kidneys...
  5. AZBridger

    Hunting Stories

    Ok, I'll bite with a few quick hitters. The year was 2013 and my brother and I drew AZ mule deer tags. He didn't have a whole lot of time to hunt so he shot a "meat buck" the first day. i had the whole hunt off so i wanted to take my time. after not seeing much the first few days, we decided to...
  6. AZBridger

    How many can you count?

    I'm gettin 32. the ones on the far left and skyline got looked over a time or two
  7. AZBridger

    Best glassing tripod for less than 150$

    I've been through LOT of tripods over the years. I am now using a carbon fiber tripod i got on amazon for about $120 and put a manfrotto 700rc2 on it for about $70. A little more than $150, but a guy would be real hard pressed to find a better setup for that price. I've used most tripods and...
  8. AZBridger

    What's Your Lucky Hunting Item

    I lost my lucky beanie a few years ago. I think i left it on a gutpile. It broke my heart. It had been on my head for a long time and had probably 30 big game animals under it. I felt like i would have rather lost my $2000 binos
  9. AZBridger

    Win Pre 64 Gibbs info

    I wouldn’t tear one down unless it was a mess. I’m having a custom .264 win mag built on a pre-64 action right now, only because the rifle was already bastardized by someone else and turned into a hack job 300wsm. The action on the H&H is a tough one to come by. I was able to find one a few...
  10. AZBridger

    Growing up in the Canadian arctic

    those are some incredible photos. i could look at them endlessly. thank you for sharing them.
  11. AZBridger

    Arizona OTC

    i hunted one of them the first year they were offered. actually saw a few elk and missed a spike. i've heard they are a bit of rat race now. there is an outfitter that has some private land access and they run near 100% on OTC elk hunts here in AZ. I think they hunt somewhere near camp verde on...
  12. AZBridger

    Elk .... Let's see them!!!

    Mine was 27. Surprisingly, only minor other than obliterating my truck that only had 9,000 miles on it. 3 of us in the truck, my hunting partner got thrown out when we came to an abrupt stop against the tree.
  13. AZBridger

    Elk .... Let's see them!!!

    Had something very similar happen to me in which i am guessing is the same unit in AZ. This was on a deer hunt after packing 2 bucks out. Rolled about 8 times
  14. AZBridger

    Arizona CC Hits

    between myself, dad and brother, we had 76 bonus points for antelope. no tags again.
  15. AZBridger

    What is with the hype around Coues deer?

    Hunting coues deer gets in your blood, almost like sheep hunting. Trying to figure out how to hunt them and how to find them is the hard part. took me many years to figure the little buggers out and i still get schooled every year. There are a LOT more of them than what most people think, they...
  16. AZBridger

    When Arizona hits your credit card please comment on this thread

    The last couple years, they hit the day after the cc update deadline. Crossing my fingers with 23 resident antelope BP’s myself and a slew of other elk/antelope apps on my card.
  17. AZBridger

    The Rude Buck

    That successful harvest will provide many great meals meals for you and your family. Nothing like a good harvest. Harvests are my favorite. #eatclean #ketolife #joerogan #huntfit #successfulharvest
  18. AZBridger

    Big Ones (OTC, Pic Heavy)

    Here is a Coues buck my dad shot a couple years ago. OTC, AZ archery. Scored a little over 118". I know some people here are against crossbows but when they help older guys do what they love i am all for it. He has a replacement knee, hip and shoulder so AZGFD granted him a crossbow permit. This...
  19. AZBridger

    Big Ones (OTC, Pic Heavy)

    I'll add another one. All you guys posting these big bulls makes me want to share one of mine. This is not OTC, but was drawn 2nd choice with 0 bp's in AZ. Late rifle, public land, very undesirable unit