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    My POW black bear hunt

    Great story ... congratulations.
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    Transporting fish home from Alaska

    Even in Styro-Fish boxes fish will not last 3 days. Delta out of Ketchikan (seasonal) has a bad rep.
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    Transporting fish home from Alaska

    Actually it depends on which town your staying in as far as cutting, vacuum sealing and boxing opportunities. Other than excess Ak Air baggage the method is usually FedEx overnight. Which is very expensive. Like 35 to 45 lbs runs me about $250 to central Oregon coast. Ak Air baggage sitting on...
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    Tipping what’s the standard?

    From my experience. Many hunters or fishermen do not tip the owner of the company. Actually pilots in SE Ak are not tipped that often any way. If an employee is flying you, you could tip him. Or like mentioned above the contractor went above & beyond your expectations, then it's what you think...
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    SE Ak bear hunt dates?

    Bears don't all stand up at the same time. Some of the rubbed Bear hunters see in early to late May are the earlier risers. They can hang the den for a week or even two while waking up. Then make their way to the lower elevations and beaches. Some even come out of the den kinda rubbed up (hair...
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    POW Gear list

    @ Coveyleader... yes that is a strange rule. I only used a bait stand a few times and only when I had a disabled hunter. There is a USFS lab / cabin float house in 12 Mile Arm that sometimes goes a season or more without any one even there. Even when they are there it is only for short periods...
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    POW Gear list

    Yes a float is considered a dwelling (even seasonal) ... your bait stand must be 1 mile away.
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    POW Gear list

    @ wllm1313 .... I suggest you give ADF&G or ADF&W a call to see the latest interpretation of the Black Bear meat salvage rules.
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    POW Gear list

    Hunting reg book .... Page 24 ..... "Salvage for black bears Meat: In all areas of the state during Jan 1-May 31, edible meat must be salvaged and removed from the field. This meat may not be used for pet food or bait." Page 34 ..... "edible meat - big game (except bear): the meat of the...
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    POW Gear list

    Well ... I would say that the worms are pretty visible .. but that doesn't make it inedible ... just kinda of unappetizing .. just cook it well done. But they all have tape worm. As far as being fishy rank, you can usually tell by the smell test of the fresh meat. But I have a friend out of...
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    POW Gear list

    That's great wllm ... I have eaten both spring and fall bear meat from the Island as well. I use to have a whole hindquarter or more made into pepperoni sticks, when there was a butcher in Craig, once I considered it good eater, even when meat salvage was not required. I also took an active role...
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    POW Gear list

    You are only required to salvage Spring bear meat ... after June 1st no meat salvage is required. The meat required salvaged is just the front & back quarters and the back straps ... you can use the non-required salvageable meat from bear as crab & shrimp bait as well. You only are required...
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    POW Gear list

    Walmart in Ketchikan does not sell Dry Ice ... Safeway has some during summer months sometimes. All motels in Ketchikan usually have freezer space available if your overnighting in town before your departure. You can get 50lb sack of fine salt at Phillips fish plant in Craig or in Ketchikan on...
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    POW Gear list

    Plenty of locals hunt in ExtraTuff boots. They also make them with 'Cork' soles. It all depends on how tough your ankles are. Don't forget a very good headlamp. And a dry bag for your gear and one for your gun is a very good idea when hunting from a skiff. I personally do not like chest...
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    Alaska draw results are posted

    Congratulations on the draw tags … for those that drew Prince of Wales Island and need info give me a shout … I have 40 years experience on the Island. Since the Bear draw went into affect several years ago the Black Bear hunt has become very good. Very few fall hunters in the field and really...
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    How's the weather where you are?

    Spring like weather on the mid-Oregon Coast. Daffodils are coming up with many other plants. The bees are out checking the flowers that are out. Steelhead are in the river and Crabbing is good.
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    Best tasting wild game

    early season Sitka Blacktail …
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    Equipment for carrying hand-held radio

    When I was hunting Arizona (radio legal) I ran into a bow hunter in the field that was wearing a Madonna headset of some kind. His brother was set up miles away with a spotting scope directing the stalk. Hours later I saw him way down the canyon dragging a big buck .. must have worked.
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    Favorite coffee while backpack hunting

    A half packet of Swiss Miss per cup of Folger's instant packet worked for me for many years on backpack style hunts. In my later years of Mt Goat & Blacktail hunts we just started packing up some good ground coffee, some filters and a cone … either a one cup cone or regular cone .. dripping it...