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  1. Big Fin

    Utah Spring Bear Hunt

    Now that is some adventures. Cool stuff KHunter. Thanks for sharing here.
  2. Big Fin

    onX is hiring!

    I doubt the stupid part, but in this case of your posts on this thread I will agree with your self-identification of being an asshole. I'm going to delete most of your posts on this thread. You want to be an asshole, as you proclaim and as you have been on this thread, don't be surprised if...
  3. Big Fin

    Convincing the wife to move..

    Not sure I have any advice. My wife graduated high school in Vegas. Bozeman in 1991, when we moved here, could not have been further from Vegas in just about every way. She loved it. Within a year, she told me if I moved again, I was moving by myself. We did come here on our honeymoon in...
  4. Big Fin

    My first elk tag... Utah

    Welcome and congrats on a great tag. Focus on as many encounters as possible. One of them will come together. The season dates are early in Utah. Given the open nature of the unit you drew, don't rule out the possibility of spot and stalk hunting the first few days of your season. That...
  5. Big Fin

    My POW black bear hunt

    Very happy for your success. Congrats. Sorry about your Dad. I am sure he was there with you.
  6. Big Fin

    MT residents thoughts on Steve Bullock

    I don't care what your political persuasion, that is damn funny.
  7. Big Fin

    NRA On The Hot Seat - Exposed or Attacked?

    As a CPA, I am wondering if the NRA hired a firm of former Enron-Arthur Andersen auditors. Not sure how you can have such egregious violations of internal controls and get a clean audit opinion. If this thing implodes, I would not want to be the auditors. Expect a huge claim on their...
  8. Big Fin

    NRA On The Hot Seat - Exposed or Attacked?

    Hey guys, how about we stick to the topic at hand; the NRA and the claims of financial malfeasance, and leave the political memes back with the Facebook crowd? Deal? Then I won't have to lock the thread and ban/warn the folks who seem to grind at the bit for any opportunity to express their...
  9. Big Fin

    MT residents thoughts on Steve Bullock

    I think he adds a great option to the race among Democrats. That said, a guy coming from Montana, who has a life experience that tells him there is world that exists beyond the Beltway and the coastal metropolis messes, probably stands very little chance of being nominated. He is not going to...
  10. Big Fin

    Anyone have a Sony a6400??

    I have one. Have a 6300 and had a 6000 before that. You'd be surprised at how much of our footage was shot with one of these cameras. I've just started playing with the new 6400. The crew has used it more than I have. They really like it.
  11. Big Fin

    Wyoming Big 3 Results

    Congrats to those who drew. No bison love for me.
  12. Big Fin

    AZ 2019 Fall Draw Now Open

    Course deer revenge coming in rifle season. Stick and string is very fun, but I want to eat one of those little deer. So, rifle season it will be. Will probably apply for a sandhill crane hunt to add to the end of that deer season, if so lucky to draw. Good luck to all. Note, even if your...
  13. Big Fin

    Elk Talk - Live Video Q&A

    Elk Talk Live again tonight at 8PM. I hope we can solve the technical difficulties we experienced last time. The crew assures me those are behind us. Watch at the links below. Watch on Facebook - or Link to watch on Livestream >>>>---------->...
  14. Big Fin

    Rain Deer

    Strange how many sandhills hang out in that alpine country. They keep you awake many nights.
  15. Big Fin

    Rain Deer

    Glad all of you liked it. The comments at the Premiere were very good. Two years of work with Marcus, Tyler, Jim, and Sophie. If you want to watch the highest quality version on Amazon, here is a link -
  16. Big Fin

    Big Fin

    Just got home. Would have been nice to catch up with all the Hunt Talkers who were there, though it seems there are very few minutes that are not occupied.
  17. Big Fin

    NRA On The Hot Seat - Exposed or Attacked?

    Some of the really big donors have let it be known in the shooting industry that they are withholding their donations until further notice. To make up the gap, expect your phones to ring and your mail box to be filled with more "member surveys solicitations." When some of those folks pull...
  18. Big Fin

    montana till I die

    Wow, you registered a long time ago. Happy to see you joining in. Welcome to the camp.
  19. Big Fin

    Honest opinion on taking the month off work for elk season? Please help!!

    Not even a question. When you are committed with the obligations of family, etc. you will be grateful your planning and hard work put you in a position to go do this. I would put your bow in your truck, leave your phone at home on the table for a month, and call it the best year of your young...
  20. Big Fin

    NRA On The Hot Seat - Exposed or Attacked?

    To answer that, one needs to look at who are the decision makers on the Board, what powers the Board does/doesn't have, who controls the Board Governance Committee, the Board Executive Committee, and the Board Nominating Committee, and who is responsible for putting many of those Board members...