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    ID Big 3 Deadline Tomorrow

    Congrats to all! My info is dated, but I'll gladly share specifics of the Big Horn Crags with you.
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    Cartridge choices for Mauser action build..

    9.3x62. 250 grain accubonds at 2600 fps will handle it.
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    Looking for a good hunt club on the western slope of Colorado

    I'd bet if a person just gets out and starts enjoying the world class hunting, backpacking, fishing, rock climbing, rafting, skiing that we have'll likely run into some similar two-legged creatures with similar hobbies.
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    Looking for a good hunt club on the western slope of Colorado

    Montrose Rod and Gun Club will get you an indoor range, outdoor range, and association with some good folks. Black Canyon Wing and Clay is expensive, but if you want to go powder some pen raised birds during the winter and spring, then it can be fun. If you're an archer, there are a few...
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    Looking for a good hunt club on the western slope of Colorado

    what is your definition of a hunting club?
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    Good Glassing units in CO

    65 holds some excellent glassing country. Get out of the dark timber and find burns, Quakies, oaks and PJ.
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    On year ago tomorrow.....

    Hoping the credit card hits continue today...
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    Stick with the old or go new?

    It's a completely subjective question. Shooting the new stuff will tell you the information needed.
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    Jumbo perch!

    I'm not a big fish eater....but cold water perch and walleye I love.
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    Western Colorado Merriam

    Hey neighbor! Congrats on the bird! Great write up.
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    Calling 911---tell us your stories

    True story. My daughter and the C store employee did a great job taking the stand and making statements. It was an emotion charged courtroom. The legal system is certainly flawed, but in this case, at this point in time, it appears it has worked well. 8 years + 3 years probation...
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    CO Sheep and Goat Raffle

    I identify as 1st runner up for sheep.
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    Colorado Backdoor 2019?

    There are only a handful of rut season archery spill the beans man! It's good to see the tag go to someone who will make the most of it. Just don't break a leg between now and then!
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    CO draw results

    Desert Bighorn doesn't have pref point, so no fee.
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    Colorado Backdoor 2019?

    Congrats rmyoung1 and Kirby! I'm excited for you guys. I'm vexed on why I see no charges at all on my card. EDIT: $50 pref point fee showed up. Curses.
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    CO Sheep and Goat Raffle

    Oak, I wont' be at the banquet to accept the sheep tag in person, but feel free to call me with the good news. :)
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    CO draw results

    Made me look. I show no pending charges. I'm 100% confident that means I drew RM sheep and my daughter drew desert. Ha!
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    Breed help

    Went with a Jack! So far he's a winner.
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    FS: Bowtech General, 60-70 lbs, 30" draw $150 plus shipping

    Bowtech General bow. 60-70 lb draw weight, currently set at 30" draw length (length can be adjusted by shop and module). Bowtech's flagship model in it's day! Well used and well maintained. Strings and cables are one year old. It's a proven freezer filler! Bare bow for $150 + shipping...