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  1. Ajax2744

    New Quiver?

    I like my tightspot for the fact that it will hold any arrow made. It also looks sleek when you pull it in tight to the bow. It does have quite the twang after the shot. I've noticed it with a couple different tightspots. I've been considering going to a fuse alphalite or a quivalizer (but in...
  2. Ajax2744

    First time hunter rifle

    Personally I'd go with a 6.5 or 7mm-08. Then I'd put a good recoil pad on it. I also would go with a slightly heavier rifle. Add weight to the stock if needed. When I was 12 I carried an old 10lbs 30-06 my dad gave me and the recoil was mild. I can find 2lbs to get rid of in my pack so I can...
  3. Ajax2744

    Thoughts on rain gear

    I wear green Helly Hansen rain gear. I've had it for 5 years and it has yet to have a leak or rip. Well worth every penny.
  4. Ajax2744

    Little League

    Well in all fairness your best infielders play short and 3rd haha. Honestly little league I wouldn't worry about what position your kids playing. Until he gets to a competitive level (high school) I would just focus on him having fun and getting fundamentals down. If you have a kid who can...
  5. Ajax2744

    Thoughts on Fast Eddie XL Double Pin?

    I don't like spot hoggs housing but if you want a single pin with the benefit of a second pin for when an animal moves the double pin is pretty great. I personally like 3 pin sliders but that double pin sure does clean up the sight picture.
  6. Ajax2744

    Glue for antlers?

    Also for future jobs, if you can find someone close who can freeze dry velvet it looks 1000x better than any soaking or brush on antler in Velvet tan.
  7. Ajax2744

    Glue for antlers?

    We use Bondo in our shop. Every caribou we get in we have to glue antlers on because they have to be cut for the flights. A square pin will make it so they won't twist. Before the Bondo is completely dry peel off any excess that squirted out. Paint with acrylic to cover the cut line. I would...
  8. Ajax2744

    Stick with the old or go new?

    Honestly most inconsistency issues on old bows came from crappy string materials. A 10 year old bow with new modern strings will shoot as good as any new bow out there. If it were me I'd rather buy last year's flagship models from lots of companies which you can easily get for $5-$800. They will...
  9. Ajax2744

    First year elk calling

    I love Phelps calls and Rocky mountain hunting calls. I also use a phelps bugle tube. I think diaphragms are they best way to go but make sure you get the right size or you will gag Everytime making you not want to practice haha. Also as far as diaphragms go they come in all different...
  10. Ajax2744

    Facebook Ads

    Well these companies make money selling your information to advertisement. Now a days your information is a commodity. That is why Google can give you free email and webservers. They also scan emails for key words so they can advertise on you as you Google search something. For fun just say cat...
  11. Ajax2744

    european elk mount ideas

    We do a whole bunch of different euro mounts. The pedestal mount can be bought from McKenzie taxidermy supply on there website. If not skull hookers are great but expensive.
  12. Ajax2744

    Hurricane Storm 2

    Make sure you shoot different spots and front and back or else bag targets wear out quick and you'll have arrows go through. But if you move around your spot it'll last a good amount of time.
  13. Ajax2744

    Garmin Rino 120 FOUND

    Well that's convenient haha
  14. Ajax2744

    Garmin Rino 120 FOUND

    My Garmin has a way to put in your name and address/ info in it in case it gets lost. It might have it under one of the menu/setup/ system options if you can find it. If not make sure you check out the waypoints on it haha jk
  15. Ajax2744

    Colorado Backdoor 2019?

    Wait till tomorrow haha I haven't figured out a backdoor on the new system unfortunately
  16. Ajax2744

    Possible wildlife issue that may turn into a marriage issue

    Is it more important to you to not have feral cats or to have a happy wife? Maybe discuss with her your view point so that she at least sees your side to the issue. It might change her point of view or it might not but at least she will know.
  17. Ajax2744

    Mountain Bike

    If your handy, two summers ago I got the bug to build a bike. So I scoured around and found a great deal on a frame and craigslisted new forks, rims, and bought a lot of parts on sale. If you have basic mechanical knowledge and skills you can build a bike. I built a $1500 bike for 400. And if...
  18. Ajax2744

    “Long range”/ smokeless muzzleloaders

    My buddy has the Remington 700 muzzleloader. You can safely load 200 grains of powder and with a 250 grain powerbelts you can pretty easily hit a pie plate size group at 300 yards with it sights and farther with a scope.
  19. Ajax2744

    Clean bore vs. "Copper equilibrium"

    Im with the rest that say cleaning a barrel too much will wear the barrel way faster than shooting would. I run a boresnake through the barrel after each shooting but don't clean the copper until groups start opening. Ive read that the copper will fill in little voids in the barrel for the first...
  20. Ajax2744

    Fat Girl!

    I've caught a football size rainbow last ice season and when I gutted it, it had 26 crawdads in it's stomach. It's amazing how trout will just gorge themselves when the food is there. Nice fish!