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    Finally got my piece of the Alaskan dream!

    Congratulations on the purchase. Willow is a wonderful area and you will enjoy it! Start on your residency requirements ASAP!
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    Rebuild of an '85 Bass Tracker Boat. If you get a swivel mount make sure you have enough wire on the top of the console to allow it to swivel. I couldn’t tell very easily in the...
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    Rebuild of an '85 Bass Tracker Boat.

    I have mine mounted on a swivel on the console so i can turn it around to see from the front when I am in the bow.
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    Are there any HT game wardens out there?

    I work closely with several state conservation officers as well a few federal wardens on occasion. I also get to work with a few engineers in the department of natural resources. The state co’s work long hours during hunting and fishing seasons and very rarely get an actual weekend...
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    Iowa Youth Hunt

    That bird Looks like a scrapper!
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    Silent Gobblers?

    Around here on public land turkeys gobble about the first twenty minutes of light. They don’t gobble after they drop down from the roost. Preseason and in season scouting can pay dividends knowing where they want to go. I like to hunt pipeline or hi line clearings as Toms like to strut in...
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    Rain Deer

    Watched it early this morning with my 3 month old waiting on the girls to wake up. The YouTube said it was uploaded moments ago! The footage was awesome. Listening to and I’m sure talking in person and hunting with Mr Baichtal you can sense his passion and knowledge for all of Se Alaska and...
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    Alaska drive in hunt

    I’ve driven to the Tok area and used an atv to access areas further away from the road. Like has been said there will be a camper or more with atvs, argos, side by sides, and anything else you can imagine at trailheads. If you have a way to hunt rivers/streams that are not crossable by those...
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    Possible wildlife issue that may turn into a marriage issue

    It could be a scouting mission. Just go with your wife when they release them and come back later to “check” on the kitties Or better yet, volunteer to go find them, but you can never quite catch them damn cats 🐈 with your net! J/k I don’t envy your position at all.
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    Turkeys - lets see em

    First time I have been out this year was this morning. I had been seeing hens and Toms crossing the road from forest to a field Wednesday and Thursday at the same time on my way to work. Both sides are public land!! Got set up this morning at 5:30 with a hen and jake decoy as the Toms were...
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    NCAA Wrestling Championships

    I began wrestling in first grade and went through college. Dislocating my elbow multiple times forced me to quit, but looking back I was ready mentally too. I didn’t know what I wanted to do either and still don’t. But I am lucky I enjoy my job and get to spend time outside! I always tell my...
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    Stalking the wild asparagus

    Just don’t go to my!
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    Crawfish/Crayfish/Crawdad Boil

    I think may have a shirt like that too. I think I got mine in new Iberia La, but could be wrong.
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    Crawfish/Crayfish/Crawdad Boil

    after we clean fish at our place on lake of the woods the kids (and me)like to take a piece of the scraps on a hook and drop it off the dock in a couple of feet of water. It doesn’t take the crayfish long to find it most days. It takes a lot of crayfish for a meal!
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    Backcountry deodorant

    I use hs scents scent free deodorant everyday even when not in the backcountry. My pits get a red rash if I use a scented deodorant. When I am in the backcountry I carry wipes for the pits, crotch, and face.
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    How long does it usually take to draw a goat tag?

    If you find a reputable outfitter now, they may let you lock in at this years rate with a down payment and make payments on it. Many of the good guides for sheep and goats will book up early and may be a year or two out already. But finding a reputable guide who you can trust will be in...
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    How long does it usually take to draw a goat tag?

    Dont believe the hype that there are no good looking women in Alaska. I found when I lived in An Don't believe that hype. When I lived in Anchorage there were lots of good looking women who liked to mingle. With the oil field schedules of 2 weeks on, 2 weeks away and the military bases I...
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    How long does it usually take to draw a goat tag?

    I drew a Kodiak tag the first time I applied! Struck out on the goat and haven’t applied again!
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    NCAA Wrestling Championships

    Jd, what are your plans after college?
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    NCAA Wrestling Championships

    I’ve heard some people say they will open the whole stadium and some people say they will block seats off. I remember when it was in the unidome in cedar falls, I can’t wait for it to be in a big stadium again. I’m going to make the 3 hour trip next year!