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  1. Mtnhuntr

    My first elk tag... Utah

    Congrats and welcome! All the advice above is spot on. If you will only be happy with a mature bull, then you may want to seriously consider hiring a guide. If you are more focused on the experience, especially since this is your first elk hunt, then do all the research you can this summer and...
  2. Mtnhuntr

    Grey Wolf

    Really good podcast. Steve Rinella just had a wolf biologist on too and that was also interesting.
  3. Mtnhuntr

    First DIY Shoulder Mount

    That's some awesome initiative! I do my own mounts too, but I only cover the skull plate with paper mache onto a foam piece, and then cover that with leather before attaching to a plaque. What you are doing is next level!
  4. Mtnhuntr

    Another 300 Magnum

    Really? It seems like the added recoil would be less desirable.
  5. Mtnhuntr

    Bino harness

    I have the Alaska Guide Creations and love it. A tad bulky, but carries everything I want and I like the convenience.
  6. Mtnhuntr

    First time hunter rifle

    .243 and 6.5 CM (despite the hate) will be perfect.
  7. Mtnhuntr

    Father & Son first time (Cow) Elk bowhunting WY 25/27?

    I don’t know that area but hope you guys have a great adventure! Let us know how it went on the flip.
  8. Mtnhuntr

    If you had to choose just one caliber???

    If we are talking cartridge, then the 300 win mag gets my vote.
  9. Mtnhuntr

    Utah fish lake early rifle elk!

    Good unit. Congrats and enjoy the hunt!
  10. Mtnhuntr

    RAIN DEER - A Sitka Blacktail Story

    That area looks so neat and unbelievably green! Thanks for sharing!
  11. Mtnhuntr

    montana till I die

    Welcome back!
  12. Mtnhuntr

    Hello from California

    Welcome to HT!
  13. Mtnhuntr

    Another armed hiker from Colorado

    Welcome to HT!
  14. Mtnhuntr

    RIP Tim Conway

    Man, he was one of the best. Loved him in the Apple Dumpling Gang. Gonna miss him.
  15. Mtnhuntr

    "Pulling the Rug Out" - Preference/Bonus Point Systems

    Although, if you made OIL species just that, only once in a person's lifetime, then you would solve that problem in a random draw for those species. However, that would never happen for all other species like elk, deer, and antelope.
  16. Mtnhuntr

    Workouts! What are we doing to prepare?

    I have been doing the Spartan program the past couple years and it has been great. I do a dynamic warm-up, HIIT for 45 minutes, strength training for an hour, and finish with 30 minutes of cardio before stretching. I need to start incorporating some ruck sessions on Saturday's too because there...
  17. Mtnhuntr

    How to practice shooting game?

    As has been said, proper fundamentals are critical because they lead to great results if practiced consistently. Be precise, learn how to adjust for different distances, press the trigger consistently and directly back towards you when you reach the bottom of your breath, and get in lots of...
  18. Mtnhuntr

    WY bison results

    Mason, congrats! That's crazy odds! I drew that tag last year and was lucky enough to tag a great bull (story coming soon). Happy to chat.
  19. Mtnhuntr

    Wyoming Area 59

    And very remote. Be prepared and take horses if you can.