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  1. Ajax2744

    Most Game Killed with Same Arrow?

    All my arrows are 1 and done. Not because I cant reuse them but because I like to save those arrows and put them on plaques. A good way to remember hunts. And it's well worth spending money to replace it to me at least
  2. Ajax2744

    What’s your occupation?

    Taxidermist and I also am an instructor for an organization that teaches parents and there kids fishing, shooting, archery and fly tying/fishing
  3. Ajax2744

    Mathews Reezen

    Sell it and get a bow that fits, it'll help you in the long run. You could shoot a bow 1" shorter but you will most likely struggle with pin float and fatigue because you will be using your arm muscles to support the bow instead of your skeletal structure like when you have a proper fitting bow.
  4. Ajax2744

    Truck target

    At your price point I recommend rinehart pyramids or 18-1. You can get them cheaper for the "blem" models. But if it were me I would save up a little and but a matrix target. Its pricey but it has replaceable blocks amd will last a long long time. Buy once cry once
  5. Ajax2744

    just another day, EXCEPT THAT IT WASN’T !!!!!!!!

    They were the greatest generation for a reason. I have a lot of appreciation for any and all veterans. I was fortunate enough in middle school to have a class that brought in holocaust and POW survivors of WW2. Listening to them talk about there experience and hardships just make you want to be...
  6. Ajax2744

    Wyoming > Hicks at it again

    Heck I go up to the miracle mile every winter and hardly see anybody, of course the 0 degree temps and 60+ mile an hour winds help with that I suppose..
  7. Ajax2744

    Colorado Archery

    A healthy chunk of 16 is private and all the BLM is lower elevation grazing land that is wintering ground for elk. Not gonna see anything but antelope and coyotes in September. The national forest from what I recall there is a couple decent roads to drive but expect traffic. It's also very...
  8. Ajax2744

    Shotgun for my wife

    I agree completely. Beretta gas systems are fantastic. And you have to take action type into account. Its Just something to keep in mind is all I was saying. Most people go with the lightest gun they can find and dont take recoil into consideration. Guys wont put their wife behind a 30-06 but...
  9. Ajax2744

    Shotgun for my wife

    I personally wouldnt recommend a super light 20. The average 3" 20 gauge hunting load generates 25-30lbs of felt recoil in a 6lbs gun. That's similar to a 8lbs 300 win mag. But if you add a pound to the 20 gauge it drops substantially. We bought a franchi 20 for my other half and ended up adding...
  10. Ajax2744

    New Mexico

    Probably have better luck getting a guy to give up his wife
  11. Ajax2744

    Can't see the pins

    I'd also recommend verifies or clarifiers. They come in different prescriptions and allows you to clear up pins and target. Any good proshop should have them in stock
  12. Ajax2744

    Archery Noob...

    I agree with john. Avoid cabelas like the plague when it comes to any work on a bow. Most shops will set up and tune a bow for free if you buy the strings through them. If you buy some from a custom builder and bring them in, they will charge you for shop time. Either way a good shop will set...
  13. Ajax2744

    Archery Noob...

    If it's a bow that has been sitting without wax and is pretty frayed I would recommend getting a new string set for ease of mind. There are a few fantastic string builders I'd recommend that would build a set for $60ish. And a lot of them offer military/ veteran discounts. As far as muscle...
  14. Ajax2744

    Looking for Elk Outfitter to take my dad this winter/fall.

    My friend and his dad run an outfitting business. My brother is a guide for them and they offer some hunts that are treestand hunts. And are able to drive him to the stand. Not exactly a true "western elk hunt" but its available and sounds like a good option for your dad. PM and I could get more...
  15. Ajax2744

    How small a buck would you shoulder mount?

    Anything that has a special meaning deserves to be mounted, even does. But of course I am saying this...I'm a taxidermist...
  16. Ajax2744

    Pawnee National Grasslands

    Whose your cousin? I know a lot of briggsdale folks
  17. Ajax2744

    Pawnee National Grasslands

    Last I knew im pretty sure archery antelope take a few points to draw. If you do draw there are good numbers on the grasslands. But it can be flat and hard to make a stalk, but not impossible and would make for a fun hunt. I've spent a lot of time on pawnee including last year and have not seen...
  18. Ajax2744

    Looking for an archery shop in Denver

    No limits archery is the best in denver if you ask me. Then if you want to drive north a little bit, archery in the wild is another really good shop.
  19. Ajax2744


    Because the people that design them have never been in a real truck. Elon musk designed his "truck" to cater to rich city folk who will never see a 4x4 road.
  20. Ajax2744

    Archery for idiot - help needed

    All these are calculatrd with a wrap + 3 aae max stealth vanes (my preferred vane) A couple arrows I would look at are: Easton axis 340 spine, cut to 27", 75grain brass insert, 100 grain head, 25 grain collar. Total weight: 500grain, 15% foc Same as above but with Gold Tip Airstrick 340...