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  1. ntodwild

    Mathews Vertix

    Price point wise look at a Hoyt Nitrux as a comparison. Pretty similar bows. I believe the Hoyt has a more traditional grip angle? I also believe the Hoyt is a bit cheaper (not much) but comparable bows.
  2. ntodwild

    Spotting scopes

    Athlon makes a wonderful little 15x45x65 that I have been using for a few years now and I am pretty happy with it. In relative terms it's affordable, solid glass and is packable. It's a nice compromise between a larger scope and a small ultralight lower power scope...
  3. ntodwild

    New from Pittsburgh PA

    Welcome from the other end of the country
  4. ntodwild

    Forest Service Closed PAC NW.

    As stated in a previous post with you. I will just have to agree to disagree with you and truly pray and hope this virus does not effect you and yours in any way. We certainly do have "different perspectives" of common sense as you so elegantly put it. Stay safe and stay healthy. All the best to...
  5. ntodwild

    Forest Service Closed PAC NW.

    I have posted a similar statement on another thread but I don't really think the full scope of what is happening with this COVID 19 is realized by many. Closing these areas is not about taking away our rights or political motivation (I personally am not a fan of Inslee or his politics). Almost...
  6. ntodwild

    Another Housing Market Crash Looming?

    I believe we are headed down this road as well. It will keep folks in their current homes but it is not gonna change the fact that Millions will be on unemployment and surely not in the market for new property. Even when those folks come back into he work force they most likely will have used up...
  7. ntodwild

    Washington elk

    PM (private message) me. I spent years hunting archery Sept. with very good success in an area that has limited access (horseback would be perfect). Sept. Archery would be my choice in your situation as the weather is typically good and it would be one less thing to worry about with a 10yr old.
  8. ntodwild

    Update - Downloading Trails into Google Earth

    I am pretty versed at using Google Earth but this really helps with e-scouting for sure. Very nice find! Just downloaded it and put it to the test. The slider bar opacity feature allows you to just leave the overlay on and instantly slide between topo view and satellite imagery seamlessly...
  9. ntodwild

    WA COVID Ridiculousness

    Interesting view. To each his own. Enjoy
  10. ntodwild

    WA COVID Ridiculousness

    As far as the original post I would say that the governor here in Washington is acting because of the 1 percenters who just refuse to pay attention or take the virus seriously. The number of search and rescues were 10 fold a few weeks ago from non equipped Seattleights roaming the trails under...
  11. ntodwild

    RIP Joe Diffie

    I try my best not to bite on any of the conversations surround Covid 19, politics and religion but this one hits home. As many of you have stated..... His music has been a part of some of my best memories. RIP
  12. ntodwild

    Will market volatility and or heath concerns with the virus influence your western hunting plans

    The only thing that will affect my hunting this year is the real possibility of public lands being shut down. I drew a very coveted spring bear tag here in Washington and it's looking more and more like government land shut downs here may keep me from using my tag:( Keeping a positive...
  13. ntodwild

    Why I Don't Like Big Fin

    That jerk "forced" me to retire from a medical career early! Follow your dreams...bla bla. Now look at me. Pathetic!
  14. ntodwild

    To Hot Tent or to Bivy?

    Nothing like a nice warm fire in the AM to kick start your day. Mostly for the purposes of the original post are you backpacking with this setup (run and gun), packing it in and setting up a spike camp or basecamp?
  15. ntodwild

    Where or How Do You Carry?

    I 2nd the leg holster and have been using one for the last 4 years. It has really opened my eyes to how flawed carrying a pistol on a pack hip belt was. When you set you pack down you no long have a pistol on you. I do know that drop leg holsters come with some issues for "some" people...
  16. ntodwild

    To Hot Tent or to Bivy?

    As many of you know I have explored many of the pros and cons of single wall tents/light weight shelters on several of the threads on this forum. Disclaimer (I LIVE AND HUNT IN THE NW WHERE THINGS ARE DAMP IN ALMOST EVERY SEASON OTHER THAN SUMMER). Ive gone back and forth on the weight savings...
  17. ntodwild

    Hunt the opener or no?

    If you are gonna pack that far in I would surely go early. Just my .02 Be first mentality.
  18. ntodwild

    To Hot Tent or to Bivy?

    I have hunted a lifetime in Washington and had a hand full of Idaho late season bull elk hunts. Sept or Oct. can be hugely different. 90% of the time in Sept the weather in the mountains of the Northwest can be very pleasant. Late Sept. can be hit or miss some times with rain squalls or hail...
  19. ntodwild

    Hi from wa

    The Reason I ask is I drew a Spring bear tag this year in 169. Been keeping an eye on the Bluewood Ski Area summit cameras (lot of snow up their). I know the south facing slopes will clear far before much of the other stuff does but road access is the limiting factor. Send me a private message...