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    WTB Youth Single Shot .22

    Id recommends a CZ 455 or 457 Scout, you can swap the stock as they grow. In my case it will go through 3 kids then I'll buy anew stock for it and my daughter can keep it forever. They come with a single shot mag but you can also use the regular 455/457 mags
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    WTS: Glock 17 Gen5

    New in box, 3-17 round mags, loader, back straps etc. Standard sights. 485.00 shipped
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    WTS: Marlin 1895G Guide, 45-70, JM stamped

    Well that's where the post office comes in handy
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    Wts: 6.5x55 reloading

    Campfire Outfitter -100pc Lapua brass, new- 75.00 -90pc Lapua brass,1x fired, 55.00 -50pc, Nosler Accubond 130gr, 25.00 -135pc, Barnes 127gr LRX, 85.00 -Forster Ultramicrometer seater, like new, 75.00 -Redding Deluxe Die set #84132, 85.00 Prices are plus flat rate shipping, or would sell...
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    WTS: Remington 700 5R, stainless, barreled action, .308

    Chassis and NF are sold. If you buy the action, I can include a VX5HD, 3-15x44, Firedot Duplex, CDS-ZL2, new still sealed in plastic for 740.00.
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    WTS: Marlin 1895G Guide, 45-70, JM stamped

    Very Good to Excellent condition overall, does have some impression in the stock but no cracks or chips. Bluing is excellent. 750.00 shipped Only trade would be for Marlins in 357 or 44 or a mannlicher stocked .223, 243 or 6.5x55
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    WTS: Remington 700 5R, stainless, barreled action, .308

    Like new, 30 rounds of factory ammo through it. Jewell HVR trigger, Night force 30mm Remington 700 unimount, 24in unthreaded barrel, KRG bolt knob. 840.00 shipped. MDT chassis and NF scope not included. -100.00 with no trigger -75.00 with no rings
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    Leupold Vari-X II 6-18x40

    Rest easy gents, it sold on a different forum so I missed out as well.
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    Mosin Nagant, Mausers, SKS

    Any Norinco SKS?
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    Leupold Vari-X II 6-18x40

    Lol, had 12 views when I saw it, couldn't believe it lasted that long :)
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    WTS: Leupold VX3i and VX5HD

    VX3i 3.5-10x40, duplex, non cds Like new in box, was mounted on my 10/22 for about 20 rounds, decided to go with a 2.5-8. 295.00 shipped VX5HD 3-15x44, New, still sealed in plastic, CDS, ZL2, Firedot Duplex, 790.00 shipped Leupold #172368