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  1. 88man

    Content Production - What and How to Present?

    Your content is almost always 5 star and so tastefully done and work worth doing in many ways, keep doing what you have been. Know one knows what the world will be like come fall of 2020 its all a guess. However, my guess is your content will be excellent as in the past. I would watch the...
  2. 88man

    280 Rem thoughts

    I always just think of a 280 as a 7mm-06
  3. 88man

    This will affect my hunting

    They just cancelled the British open and that's in mid july.
  4. 88man

    Shelter-in-place cooking

    Currently I have an elk roast in the crockpot with beef broth, red wine, celery,onions,garlic the house smells so good.
  5. 88man

    Another Housing Market Crash Looming?

    Gonna be some good buys in the near future
  6. 88man

    Judgement call

    How far off the lands are you? You should know that before you "lengthen" . Typically most guys start .020 off and work from there going upto .100 off or even more jump with factory rifles.
  7. 88man

    What bow you shoot

    The bows I have owned since the early 1980's in order Proline-Golden Eagle-PSE-Hoyt-Hoyt-Hoyt-Hoyt-Bowtech-Hoyt
  8. 88man

    Sausage stuffing: 1st timer

    Sorta, its an ethnic thing sorta> but some family and friends we make it at my house in the garage. About 15 years ago we butchered 6 elk one day in my garage.
  9. 88man

    Covid-19 fact

    Carol Baskin said so
  10. 88man

    Threat to Wyoming migration
  11. 88man

    No more guessing

    GW"S terrorist gun.
  12. 88man

    No more guessing

    The shots will not be that far away. The drone can be flown silently by camera to within 200 feet and then by video the hunter 2000 miles away can push the shoot button. Just need the assistant to drop the drone off at the trailhead. It will save lots of fuel and time. Hum
  13. 88man

    Best all around caliber for the Tikka T3x Lite in Montana

    Hard to beat a 7mm like a 7mm-08 or a 7mm mag.
  14. 88man

    WA COVID Ridiculousness

    Well your Government is just trying to keep you safe. I am sure they want all the gun shops closed also. Pa closed all public shooting ranges. Ha ha seriously.
  15. 88man

    50 bmg for hunting

    I go with the 375 cheytec when they are over a mile away but thats a secret.
  16. 88man

    Over/Under on CWD campaign by antis

    I dont think there will be connecting thoughts between the two issues. Everyone in the world has there eyes and ears on covid 19. 99% never heard of cwd.