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  1. justinch

    Question from elk talk live on 2/19

    Randy mentioned something about Primos and other brands using similar designs in their elk calls (can't remember exactly how he put it). Anyways, I seem to get the best sounds out of the imperial diaphragm from Primos. It's a red, double reed with a v cut. Just curious if there is a rocky...
  2. justinch

    Un-issued licenses in Wyoming deer region?

    I'm sure there is an simple explanation, but can't find it easily. Using deer region X in 2019 as an example, there was a quota of 90 special licenses and 0 were issued. What happens to those 90? I've found that the un-issued resident licenses are rolled over to landowners and then...
  3. justinch

    WY mule deer and elevation

    I'm curious if elevation is a deciding factor for any of you when choosing a spot. If all other factors were the same, would you prioritize higher elevation spots in early season? Early being the first week of September. 4th year in WY and we've never really hunted above 9000', where it...
  4. justinch

    Mule Deer Podcasts

    Any suggestions for good podcasts on mule deer? I'm more interested in discussions on hunting/scouting tactics than hunting stories. We've got a 16 hour drive coming up and nothing better than a good podcast to get you fired up for a hunt.
  5. justinch

    Options for insulating layer vest?

    What do you all recommend for a middle layer to wear on cool (30s-40s) mornings? Something packable, preferably. I have a sitka celsius midi now but was thinking of swapping for a vest. Don't really care about brand, color, etc.
  6. justinch

    Hi from Wisconsin

    I joined recently so I could ask a question about Wyoming's draw process and as I expected, I learned a lot by asking. Lots of great topics on here. I've been bow hunting in Wyoming for mule deer for a few years now with a group of buddies, and I love it. Got a smaller 3x4 in 2017 and missed...