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  1. Tubb2402

    Elk .... Let's see them!!!

    My first elk 2018 New Mexico
  2. Tubb2402

    2018 Public Land DIY New Mexico Elk Hunt - Pic heavy

    Thanks everyone for the comments.... I just got all the meat back from the processor this weekend, and with all the family in we had Elk burgers.
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    2018 Public Land DIY New Mexico Elk Hunt - Pic heavy

    Hahaha... I know it's long but wanted to paint the picture. Here are the cliff notes 2018 NM Elk Hunt, 1.5 days scouting, 2 days hunting. 6x6 bull down on second day of hunt. Cat watching as elk was quarter out in the dark, Freezer full.
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    2018 Public Land DIY New Mexico Elk Hunt - Pic heavy

    2018 Public Land DIY New Mexico Elk Hunt - Cont.. I didn’t know what to think. Was it from me dropping my rifle the day before, did I miss range it, did I just screw up the shot. All these questions were running threw my head. So, since I only had 3 bullets remaining and wasn’t sure what...
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    2018 Public Land DIY New Mexico Elk Hunt - Pic heavy

    2018 Public Land DIY New Mexico Elk Hunt - Cont.. It was a good spot, but I noticed a road also came very close to it. While this road was closed I thought it might attract more hunting pressure. So decided to go to my number two glassing spot about half a mile away. On my way in I found this...
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    2018 Public Land DIY New Mexico Elk Hunt - Pic heavy

    In an effort for others to learn from my mistakes, I’d like to share this year’s elk hunt. I’m 34 years old and live in Mississippi. I’m married and have twin boys age 3. I grew up in Texas and have always enjoyed hunting but for the most part it has always been dove, quail, and duck hunting...
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    Bivy vs tarp; or a combo

    I looked at this for this years setup myself. I ended up just doing a traditional base camp but liked the idea of a spike camp for a night or two if needed. Personally it came down to weight for me. I didn't want to be carrying a lot of extra weight for the possibility to do a spike camp. I...
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    Who here uses trekking poles?

    I train without them and use them on my hunts. I’m not near as tired when I use trekking poles, and it allows me to go further. I picked up an REI brand several years ago for about $80. They lock in place really well and are right at 16oz.
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    WY 2018 Pronghorn

    Thanks for sharing pics and congrats on that buck. It’s a good one.
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    Onx Maps - Double Charged, NO FIX

    I'm sorry you had a bad experience but I've always had great customer service. I bought a single state (yearly plan) on the computer and then a multi state (monthly plan) in the app. About 8 months later I called to see when my renewal was happening and I wanted to know how to cancel the auto...
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    Success at Last

    Congrats on your first bull with a bow.
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    Alaska Dall Sheep hunt - All Nine Days

    Congrats on the getting it done.... That is some beautiful country and crazy that y'all were climbing that for 9 days. Well done.
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    DIY Alaska Trip, Adak - Chugach (Pic Heavy)

    Awesome trip.... Looks like you had a ton of fun. Thanks for sharing.
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    I did the same thing. Ordered mine in late June and when I submitted mine it said it would take 8 weeks. I called in Mid August and was told mine would be here in Mid/Late- September.
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    The story of my first elk hunt. From the highest of highs, to the lowest of lows.

    Great write up... Sorry you didn't get your animal, and great ethics on not taking another bull.
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    Spitz's 2017 Nevada Desert Sheep Hunt, day-by-day

    +1 - Congrats Spitz.
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    I Bought an InReach Mini

    Thanks for the review, I was hoping to pick one of these up.
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    binocular harness/pouch

    I'm a fan of the FHF bino harness myself for a few reasons. It has padded shoulder straps to help be more comfortable on those long hiking days. I like the simplicity of the latch. The elastic cord is on the lid and it's more natural to pull down than up. It's silent and has no magnets that...
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    Dreams come true

    That's awesome...... Well deserved and glad you were able to check off the bucket list.