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  1. wademac

    Utah Goat Populations Decline

    My Father sent me this article on the goat populations near our home in Utah. Interesting read. Wade
  2. wademac

    Got it done this weekend. 1st Whitetail buck with a bow.

    Beautiful buck. Congratulations.
  3. wademac

    Utah Mountain Goat

    T-Bone. Im uneducated with aging Goats. If I did it correctly he is younger than I expected coming in about 5 years... Waiting for tooth sample analysis.
  4. wademac

    Nine Days in Church

    Well said! Truly a rewarding hunt. You have kindled a fire for the Frankchurch again....might have to make my way up there this year. Congratulations.
  5. wademac

    Rifle Suggestion for Wife

    My wife hunted deer last year with a .308 in a Ruger M77. I bought her the lighter recoil Hornady factory loads so she could shoot at the bench comfortably and not have her get recoil shy. The morning we went deer hunting I swapped the bullets from a 120 grain Low Recoil to a 150 grain normal...
  6. wademac

    Idaho Moose Hunt Success

    Beautiful Bull! Congrats.
  7. wademac

    Big Montana Double!!

    Amazing. Well done!
  8. wademac

    New dog journey...

    You willl love the Pudelpointer. I by no means am an expert on bird dogs but growing up with Brittanys, spending alot of field time around Labs, (both pointing and retrieving) I found that none compare to the temperment, drive and personality of Pudelpointers. Moxie, my Pudelpointer is 10 months...
  9. wademac

    A story of mud, family and a big Montana bull

    Beautiful bull. Congrats.
  10. wademac

    Couple MT Archery Bulls

    Well done! I gotta get up to that Big Sky Country for some of that action soon.
  11. wademac

    NW Hunter, what is the scoop on Non- Resident applications for tags in Oregon? What, as a non...

    NW Hunter, what is the scoop on Non- Resident applications for tags in Oregon? What, as a non res, should i start applying for now? Is there a point system? What can i do to get on some Roosevelt Elk? Thanks man! Wade
  12. wademac

    Utah Mountain Goat

    I was lucky enough to draw a Uinta range Mountain goat tag this year and even luckier to happen upon this beautiful billy. Had my close friend, Brother and my Father with me when we spotted this group of 6 goats on a last ditch effort to locate some animals before we loaded up the llamas and...
  13. wademac

    "Pozcast" - Podcast Episode #9

    Always informative... You keep bringing conservationists on and ill be broke from supporting them!
  14. wademac

    Snowbird Expansion Into American Fork Canyon

    After listening to Randy's podcast and feeling the innate duty as a sportsman to spread the word and do my part to be involved i wanted to bring this up in the Utah board. Being a hunter that spends a great deal of time on the Wasatch Front this land expansion concerns me. What can we do as...