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    CO Elk! Any opinions or thoughts??

    Yup Thank you. I have been checking out old posts on all the units mentioned above dating back to 2015. This is a very helpful site with a bunch of knowledgeable guys. Thank you.
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    CO Elk! Any opinions or thoughts??

    Haha yeah I know. The problem is the group that we usually hunt that area with isn't going this year. So we don't feel like we should hunt it. It's more of a repect thing I guess. I know its crazy but thats just how we feel. Thanks
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    CO Elk! Any opinions or thoughts??

    Hey whats up fellow outdoorsman!! I have some questions and I was also seeking opinions. I thought this was a great place to come looking. My Brother and I have elk hunted in CO Unit 12 3 times now and we have been successful all 3 times. All 3 have been 2nd season. However we have always...
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    WTT/FS Sitka Jetstream Jacket in Optifade open country (L)

    My layer system is a light weight bottom. Then the Traverse long sleeve half zip. Then I have my Kelvin lite hoody. With that on my L Jetstream is pretty snug. I am also looking to trade for an XL. My Jetstream is SA.
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    WTT Sitka Jetstream SA Jacket size L for a size XL

    Hey guys. Does anyone have a Jetstream SA size XL that they would be willing to trade? I bought a large and with Baselayers, Traverse, and the Kelvin my jacket is way to tight. I used it one scouting day here in PA. It is in perfect condition. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks everyone...
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    Vortex LRBC shutting down...

    I contacted Vortex about their LRBC about 5 days ago and they told me it would be back up running by Aug 17th. Here it is 8/19 and still nothing. I am going to try some of the apps that you guys talked about on here. I was hoping it would be back up by now. Not sure exactly what is going on...
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    Vortex Diamondback 20-60x80 Spotting scope

    Is this sold?
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    A Number of items for sale

    If the Sitka is still available I would like it.
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    FS Leupold M8-4X28mm Extended E.R Gloss Pistol Scope

    $150 OBO. Open to trades also
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    FS Leupold M8-4X28mm Extended E.R Gloss Pistol Scope

    My dad has had this scope sitting around for awhile. It has never been mounted to a pistol. He had plans to mount it and never got around to it. It is an older model scope so I sent it to Leupold to make sure everything was ok before I listed it. I have just recently gotten it back and...
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    I have a New Mystery Ranch Marshall Optifade Subalpine M with tags

    I ordered the MR Optifade Subalpine with a medium belt. I could really use a large. This just came out of the box. It still has the tags. Anyone have a new large that could use a medium? If not I will have to start jogging.....😥
  12. My first Bull Elk 2002

    My first Bull Elk 2002

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  14. Random Hunting

    Random Hunting

  15. My brother

    My brother

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  17. My uncle and cousins first Mule deer

    My uncle and cousins first Mule deer

  18. My brothers first Elk

    My brothers first Elk