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  1. MTMNHunter

    Mathew LH Heli-M

    For sale: Mathews Left Handed Heli-M, 70# limbs, 29” draw, QAD rest, Black Gold sight, Mathews Quiver. Bow is in great shape! only reason selling is because I’ve ordered a new VXR. Asking $475.00 shipped anywhere in US. 507-531-0450
  2. MTMNHunter

    Time for a New Bow

    So it's time to update my Mathews Helium. No real reason, just it's time for something new. My budget is roughly $1500-1600.00 for everything but a sight. I just put a new one on last year. Thinking of staying with Mathews, either VXR 28 or 31. I have not shot either yet, or any bow for that...
  3. MTMNHunter

    White Sulphur Springs Area???

    We are hoping to draw elk tags for this coming archery season. Our plans are to hunt 20 miles north of W.S.S. We'll be on a little private ground and then also US Forest service ground. Our expectations are not high. As I use to live in Missoula and it was tough around there. Now I live in...