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    Colorado Elk (4 days only)

    Ray, I know this is an old thread but if you're ever back in Colorado and would like company from a fellow bomb tech let me know, I have a Crew Cab, strong back and tough feet. -Dave
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    Turkeys - lets see em

    2019 Got my first turkey ever with my daughter on the box call! We’re officially gobble junkies now.
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    Willing Packer New To Western Hunting

    Good to meet you! I work on Carson, live in Pueblo. I am fortunately one of them Chiefs now so the commute doesn't hurt as bad cause I don't do the morning PT thing anymore ;) Feel free to hit me up anytime, my schedule is pretty flexible (within reason). Wainright is on my list but it looks...
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    Willing Packer New To Western Hunting

    Right now Fort Wainwright is at the top of my list of places to move next year.
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    Willing Packer New To Western Hunting

    true apprenticeship starts with the inglorious heavy lifting and I’m completely new to the west so I figured start with hard work.
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    I've about had enough

    Randy, I grew up northwest of your hometown in a whitetail and moose hunting family. I have literally not hunted once in the 18 years since I joined the Army. Now because of passionate public land hunters like you sharing the joys of the hunt I have picked up a bow and am planning my first elk...
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    Willing Packer New To Western Hunting

    Thanks, My wife is worried about my infatuation with all things western hunting but okay with retirement here!
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    Willing Packer New To Western Hunting

    Hello , Dave here, new to western hunts and new to Colorado since Uncle Sam sent me here. I grew up in the Midwest and love what true hunting and the backcountry are all about. I live on the front range near Fort Carson and would love to help any successful hunter within a few hours drive pack...