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    Remington Core-Lokt for elk

    I've killed 11 elk with 180 grain cor-lokts out of my .30-06, two of them being bulls at 500 yards. I guess if you want to spend a bunch on the "better" bullets then by all means... I just haven't had a reason to.
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    How many trips for a solo pack-out

    Did my 2.5 year old bull in three trips this year from 1.5 miles in, all meat was bone-in. First Trip: Hind quarter and antlers/head Second Trip: Hind quarter and front quarter Third Trip: front quarter and backstraps, tenderloins, neck meat Hauled half of my buddy's cow out bone-in from 2.5...
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    Montana Preference Points??

    From the FWP website: Distribution of Licenses Seventy-five percent of the nonresident combination licenses will be issued to individuals with preference points and 25 percent will be issued to those applicants who do not have preference points.
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    My First Western Hunt - Montana Elk 2019

    ???.... 🤷‍♂️ Again was only trying to shed light on the realities of elk hunting in an age of YouTube. My apologies again if I came off as rude. Wasn’t my intent. Sounds like the OP has realistic expectations and is willing to put in the work to get it done. That is a solid trait and one that...
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    My First Western Hunt - Montana Elk 2019

    1. Generally it means the elk are still way up high because of no snow. I find it interesting to hear locals of Big Timber say that though as it seems a good portion of the elk herd there resides on the private down low year round. I would think that with all the archery hunters up there that by...
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    Big weather change coming to MT

    Highly doubt it. You’ll be fine.
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    Fire near hunting area

    I've found in areas that I hunt that if there is enough time for regrowth before season, the elk will flock to the burns to eat. I once in an area that burnt that summer and it still looked black from a distance but once I started walking through it there was new grass about 1"-2" tall and elk...
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    Which week for Montana General Elk?

    I have found that opening day is crazy no matter what part of the state you are in. That being said, its still my favorite day to hunt! I've grown up in Montana and we have hunted SW Montana for the past 17 years and have hunted all the different weeks of the season in that area over the years...
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    Dillon MT, area 325,329,331 or Flathead Co

    Elk hunting around the Flathead is not particularly good. I will say that I have had much more success during archery than during rifle. Lets put it this way... I grew up in Kalispell and we made the annual trip to the Dillon area to get to an area with better elk numbers. Don't care where you...
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    Missouri Breaks Scouting

    I’ve hunted that area a few times and it WILL be slammed with people opening weekend. Probably the most pressure I’ve seen of anywhere I’ve hunted, including rifle seasons. It seems to slow down with people later so end of September may be a good bet. Plus it will be hopefully be cooler. It’s...
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    SOLD - MR Pintler, size M, Subalpine

    Price drop from $390 to $360.
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    SOLD - MR Pintler, size M, Subalpine

    Also, open to reasonable offers. September is coming!
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    SOLD - MR Pintler, size M, Subalpine

    I bought this brand new this spring. Took on a couple of training hikes and decided I need a bigger bag. No rips, stains, or tears. Never seen blood. $360 TYD Pay Pal F&F or add 3%.