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    Long Range Hunting

    I came across a YouTube video in which a 12 year old boy shoots a bull elk at 537 yards. They call it long range hunting. I think it's good for a father to take his sons hunting, but I don't think it's good to teach kids that 500+ yard shots are ethical. Or, that getting within 500 yards of an...
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    Arizona Late Archery

    The state of Arizona offers late archery seasons in the month of November. Some of these hunts have decent odds of drawing which sparked my interest. Does anyone have experience with late archery in AZ? I'd love to hear about those hunts. I know enough to know that bulls aren't exactly vocal...
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    Compound Bow - WTB

    I am looking to get into bow hunting and would like to buy a good bow for my first one. Up to $700 would probably be my max price. I wanted to see if anyone here had a bow they are looking to sell before I go to a store. Thanks!
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    .308 semi auto rifle - WTB

    I am looking for an AR rifle chambered in .308 to use for hog hunts in Texas and Arkansas If you have you are willing to sell or know where the best deals are feel free to message me Thanks
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    Leupold Spotting Scope - Looking to Buy

    I'm looking to buy a Leupold Spotting Scope. Ideally I'm looking for a compact gold ring but let me know what you are willing to sell. If you don't have a Leupold available I might consider buying a vortex from you Thanks
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    Black Bear Rookie

    Hey there, My name is DK. I am relatively new to hunt talk but I really like the site. Thanks for having me with you all! I wanted to ask and see if anyone would be willing to share knowledge or resources regarding how to harvest the skin and meat from a black bear once it's killed. I've done...
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    WTB Mystery Ranch

    Found a pack so this thread can be deleted
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    Disregard - Item Sold - how to delete threads?

    The pack I had for sale is now sold. I do not know how to delete postings as I am new to Hunt Talk. Thanks, DK