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    Colorado archery elk unit 77 partner?

    I am thinking about trying to get a partner or partners together to go elk hunting in Colorado in 2017. I do not think I can make it in 2016 because I have a lot of plans this fall and it would be better to plan a year ahead. I was looking at unit 77 in the San Juan mountains, it is over the...
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    Oregon Alsea and siuslaw units

    Anybody ever hunt these units. I see tags are over the counter and field and stream had it as a number 1 public lad elk hunt. I just wonder if there would be a ton of hunters in it after the publication came out. Also I heard they get some nice trophies out of here.
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    Washington moose in the selkirks newbie

    I would like to start collecting points to hunt moose in the selkirks in Washington. Next year I am just buying a preference option so I get a point. In 2017 I am going to start trying to pull a tag. I have hunted elk and whitetail but always wanted a moose. What is the best method to hunt...