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    FS: Spanish Mauser

    Spanish 1916 Mauser in 7x57. Comes with 90 rounds of Spanish ammo. $250 shipped.
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    Sex this bear. Boar or sow?

    What do y'all think this bear is, and how do you know? <a href=""><img src="" title="source:" /></a>
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    Good processor in Wyoming?

    Looking for good recommendations for a processor anywhere between Rawlins and Evanston, WY? I have a buddy headed out to hunt near Baggs and wants to know where to take his elk. I've used Fraughton Meats in Evanston to store an animal for me but that's it. Any help is appreciated.
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    What's the craziest/coolest thing you've found in the wild?

    In response to the entertaining (yet depressing) thread started by MtnHuntr, tell us the coolest/craziest/scariest thing you've ever encountered in the back country.
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    Good youth rifles. What do y'all recommend?

    My son will soon be joining me in harvesting game and I want to find a good rifle he can pack around for deer and pronghorn. He's been hunting with me for years, but next year he'll finally be able to start filling tags. I bought a nice Weatherby .243 about 5 years ago and justified it to my...
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    Anyone here have a Utah Moose tag for the Central Mtns? I found a great bull for you.

    Well, not me specifically. But someone in this facebook group did and told right where he was. I know I've posted about this before, but if you have a Moose tag in Utah, this is a great scouting resource. Most folks in this group who post pics of the moose include the exact trail where they...
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    Confused about season dates for WY.....

    My non-resident cousins drew some region G tags, and as I was looking at dates I got a little confused. Region G is made up of units 135, 143, 144, and 145. The season dates posted have unit 135 as Oct 1-14, but the other three units have Sep 15 - Oct 6. Anyone know why there are different...
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    Land Ownership Overlap in Wyoming?

    I'm looking at a unit in Wyoming where I drew a tag, and in the unit I see Nat'l Forest overlapping other land ownership. I can see private, state, and BLM land boundaries and changes but all are covered in some areas by nat'l forest. Can anyone explain why this is, and if hunters have...
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    MeatEater new owners.....

    Somewhat old news, but I hadn't seen this discussed on here yet. Is MeatEater in danger of getting the Benchmade treatment.....?
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    Crazy Elk Video

    Just stumbled on to this video. I've seen a few elk get shot, but none of them ever took a bullet like this cow. I don't know if the hunter is shooting FMJ's or what.....
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    Wolf killed in YNP.

    Just $5k and year probation. Interesting......
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    Feral Horses - My public land pet peeve

    I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but just read this article and thought I'd share...
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    WTB Leica Trinovid

    I'm not picky. If you have some Trinovid's for sale, please let me know!
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    Randy and wolves on CBS 60 Minutes, and an interesting rebuttal.

    For those who missed the live airing of 60 minutes, here's a link. As expected, it portrays wolves as the saviors of the ecological world. Randy has far too little time in the segment, but I'm glad he at least got the chance to be an ambassador for sportsmen...
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    Butler Creek Stocks - Any Good??

    I need one and have a friend trying to sell my his. I know they're not a B&C or McMillan, but are they any good for a cheap stock? Apparently they have steel pillars integrated into them...
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    Scouting tip for anyone with Utah Moose tag.

    If you have a Utah moose tag or expect to get one in the near future, join the Facebook group "Hike the Wasatch". I've been in the group a while because I love hiking that area, but one of the big highlights for people in the group is posting moose pics and videos. Folks are all about posting...
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    Heavier .25 bullets?

    Will we ever get bullets heavier than 120 grains in .25 cal? I'm not talking anything crazy like 140-148 grain, but something like a 128 or 132 grain would be amazing in a .25-06. If this has been discussed already (couldn't find it....) I'd enjoy a link.
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    Howa HS Precision Rifle vs. Weatherby Vanguard Wilderness

    Tempted by both these rifles, and curious who here has experience with them. I live in Wyoming and do all my hunting in the west so lighter is good - but I've got no need (yet) for a sheep rifle so I'm not counting ounces. Weatherby Vanguard Wilderness: -6.75 pounds -24 inch #2 contour fluted...
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    Late season cow elk, unit 107 in Wyoming.

    Anyone ever hunted unit 107, particularly late in the season? My cousin drew this tag (his first elk tag) and he's pretty excited. I'll be helping him out as best I can, just curious if anyone knows where the elk hang out in this unit. From what I hear it's a game of tactics to catch them on...
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    FS: Zeiss Conquest 10x30 T* Binoculars

    Great 10x30 Conquest binoculars from Zeiss. I've used these 8-10 over the last few years but nothing as far as a serious backcountry hunt. They're in great condition; no damage, blemishes or finish wear. I still have the full kit too; lens covers, strap, lens cloth, box and paperwork. The...