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  1. wswat

    Sub Par taxidermy question.

    I have a deer with almost the same form. I would say I think its the eyes that are making you think something is wrong.
  2. wswat

    Dream Season 2015

    Thank you everyone!
  3. wswat

    Dream Season 2015

    Yes I have been very fortunate and can only hope the luck continues :)
  4. wswat

    Dream Season 2015

    Yes he exploded from 2014 - 2015. I have his sheds and he was a 150" deer last year. And everything grew mass, beams, tine length along with way more extra points.
  5. wswat

    Dream Season 2015

    2015 was a year I will never forget. After a epic 2 year hunt after this big whitetail I was able to tag him. Missed him last year once and once this year but the 3rd time was a charm. Then went on a cancelation Elk hunt in New Mexico and was lucky enough to wrap my tag around a dream elk for...
  6. wswat

    2015 Dream Buck

    As you can see its not a ND State bow tag. The reservation bow season opened on Friday the 28th. Way to go man your a sniper!!!!
  7. wswat

    ND Moose/Elk drawing held

    No Wolves!!!!!!!!!! ND Moose numbers are way up. Nothing to see them everyday in our area and We are just farmland with tree rows.
  8. wswat

    Young hunters first turkey

    I love the passion Easton has for the outdoors. The 1st of many great hunts to come.
  9. wswat

    Auction tag money put to good use. I know a lot of people on this site are against these tags but when I see the good that can come from them when used correctly I see the benefit.
  10. wswat

    Late Season Miracle Buck

    Thank you everyone! It was kind of all a blur not really sure how it worked out the way it did but I'm not complaining about the result.
  11. wswat

    Late Season Miracle Buck

    Well it was a epic year when it comes to hunting and to top it off with this great buck I am speechless. Hunt started out with my hunting buddy Ed came up to try to fill his late season tag. I only had one stand setup that had deer coming in so We decided to sit together. After I had a coughing...
  12. wswat

    KUIU Sale or maybe not.

    Tried Friday night as soon as I received the sale email.
  13. wswat

    KUIU Sale or maybe not.

    Got a email from Kuiu about a big sale. So I figured maybe I would try there gear. Went in and filled my cart with 6 items and what do you know all back ordered so no sale price even though they advertised it. Tried a different pattern and still the same thing. SO REALLY NO SALE ITEMS. Emailed...
  14. wswat

    ND Archery Deer

    Thank you everyone for the kind words.
  15. wswat

    ND Archery Deer

    After a long season of close encounters this buck was the lucky one to find my arrow Not sure why I even sat with gusting winds over 40mph but I felt like it could happen so I went out. After almost blowing out of the stand I thought about getting down but hung in there and I'm glad I did. One...
  16. wswat

    B.A.D.A.S.S. #12 - Extreme Elk Magazine

    This is such a cool thing
  17. wswat

    Wyoming elk hunt 2014

    Nice work loos like a great hunt
  18. wswat

    ND Spring Turkey

    They are a Hybrid were we hunt. Have heard rumor that back in the day a farmer released a big group of Rio Grande turkeys and they have since mixed with the Eastern birds. Right across the river they turn to Merriam birds.
  19. wswat

    Back from Africa

    Thanks for sharing good work!
  20. wswat

    EPIC 2013 Season

    The Sable and Roan were shot about 3 miles apart on the same property. The ram is a Arapawa Ram of New Zealand. The warthog had 13.5" tusks. Thank you everyone.