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    LE Units and death from old age

    I just got to thinking....are there any LE units in any state where a mature bull elk stands a reasonable chance of dying naturally from old age rather than hunting?? If so, I would equate that to the absolute limit, of where the game commissions should provide a few more tags to "prevent" that...
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    Application value per dollar

    There are a lot of questions from new hunters regarding whether this or that draw or points system is “worth it.” Actually, a lot if veteran hunters ask the same. Some people want to put in for one state/species. Some a few. Some put in for everything. Nobody likes to waste money though. Even...
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    WYOGA Commissioner License - Why?

    Aren't they an association of for-profit businesses? I though only non-profits that benefit the community at large or conservation organizations were the folks that got these?
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    Pressure cooker elk

    I am looking for some insight from people who hunt elk in circumstances I might soon find myself. Or at least think so based on the ol' google earth review. I'll set the stage, then I am looking for any salt-of-the-earth advice on what elk do and where you would focus during the heavy pressure...
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    Painful Choices (that will likely never happen)

    So say you applied for your multiple state dream hunts like a lot of people do but this time you hit the all time mega-lottery - drawing everything you put in for. But you can only take one or two weeks off from your job. (Play along and don't say QUIT!) What hunt or maybe two hunts would you...
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    2020 ID w/caps

    Get on it NR's! I'm 1 for 1. A better start than last year
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    The different way we think

    I have been pondering a little bit lately the whole Residents are from Mars and Nonresidents are from Venus vibe that permeates a lot of forum chatter. Usually, or maybe not usually, but more often than not, or AT LEAST sometimes, in good taste and good fun, but certainly not always. This is...
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    Small Game opportunities around Craig in Sept

    I will be in Craig, CO up to the WY line area in mid-Sept for elk and might have time to explore around afterwards but I don't know anything about CO small game hunting and would like to give it a go. Birds or bunnies would be fun! I won't have a dog with me and this is not intended to be a...
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    Sneaky bear

    Was working today with a colleague and we were doing a botanical study that required us to ponder the identity of a fern. As we kneeled by the plant for I would say a minute or two, a black bear silently (and I mean silently) had snuck in 10 yards behind us and stole my colleague's lunch out...
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    Need a fact check/explanation on quota/app numbers

    Can someone explain this from the statistics. Numbers are all over the map from 2018 to 19. Case in point. Doe antelope 72-6. Quota up 166. 1st choice apps up 527 (a 516% year over year gain!) What explains this kind of thing? And were doe antelope apps up 13% or more???? Starting to get...
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    Wyoming Moose Pref Point Charge???

    I just got my refund from Wyoming for moose and it was exactly $150 short of what I expected, which of course, is equal to the NR pref point fee. I am certainly not above making a mistake but I don't recall seeing or selecting a PP as an option, and there is no reason in the world why I would...
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    Utah email results are out

    UT results email arrived. Unsuccessful..unsuccessful....unsuccessful....unsuccessful.....AAANNNNNDDDD.......unsuccessful. But I already knew that since credit card was dormant. Oh well, there's always next year. Strange happening # 1 - The email is out but the draw results website is not...
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    In need of a 12 Step Program

    Hi. My name is (YOUR NAME HERE) and I've got an applying problem........ With the silly season winding down, is there anyone with a compulsive application problem that cares to share to what lengths they went to try to snag a premium tag this year? What's the most applications you have ever...
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    Drawing lull dreams... or nightmares!

    Now that there’s a bit of a draw lull, with several state’s applications in... my mind wanders to the “what-if” scenarious...... What if I draw nothing? 😭 What if I draw two!! 😂 Or three!!😬 Dear lord, what if I draw more than one and have to pick???? And what am I going to do if I DO draw...
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    Shoshone NF Grizzly Pucker Factor

    Looking for info (and not ridicule hopefully ;)) from someone familiar with NW Wyoming, Shoshone NF area... I have traveled to the NW Wyoming several times, but only to visit Yellowstone and Grand Teton. Within Yellowstone, across 3 or 4 trips (last being in early 2000's), I have only seen two...
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    Credit Card Issues

    So today I had some fool somehow charge or attempt to charge a thousand dollars or more on my credit card, fraudulently. After dealing with the blocked card and closing that account, I realized that it was the same card I have on file for applications in WY, UT and elsewhere. I already know...
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    Sheep raffles / auctions and thoughts on implications

    Does anybody a handle on the number of sheep tags in total that are issued in the lower 48? And of those, how many are issued via the regular draw -vs- raffles and auctions? I suspect it must be a rather high percentage, relative to other species, although moose and goats are probably up there...
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    Hunter Number out West - What's the big picture?

    This is not hot off the press news or anything but I read this in a 2017 article on trends in nationwide hunter numbers and it got me thinking about it all over again: "The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has been conducting a nationwide survey of hunting and fishing participants every five...
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    Best phone and apps for hunting

    I am near to be needing a new phone and wanted to explore what is the best companion for hunting/back country use. I am not all that savvy on this topic. I typically carry a USFS map and a gps and that's about it. I currently have an Iphone 6 that is getting pretty old and I have never really...
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    Weapon dilemma

    I have a good problem I could use some advice or some insight into your experiences on... If I choose to put in, I can expect to draw my preferred CO antelope tag in 2019. My dilemma is which season/weapon will give me the most quality experience. A rank of my priorities would be: 1) Shot...