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  1. SPDSpappy

    Use Outfitter or Not?

    Looking for advice from the experienced folks out there. I’m trying to figure out if I should use some money I’m coming into to pay for an elk hunt outfitter. I’m an adult onset hunter. I’ll post an article I wrote that showed up in a magazine about our story getting into hunting, but it all...
  2. SPDSpappy

    .30-06 Bullet/Load Selection Process

    I went to CO for 1st rifle with 180 grain factory ammo because I didn’t have time to build the rounds myself. However, after shooting these and reading on this site and others about what other people are using, I’m changing to 150 grain hand loads. Here’s what I’m using for my Savage Classic...
  3. SPDSpappy

    Garmin inReach mini or Explorer+?

    I'm an onX map user on my phone and carry an external battery pack with me for recharging. Part of me wants to have the mapping feature of the Explorer+ as a back up to my phone in case something happens to it, but not sure that's worth an extra $100 and 4 oz. What are some of your thoughts?
  4. SPDSpappy

    NEWB Heading to CO GMU 12 1st Rifle

    Ok, this is getting too close for comfort! After hours and hours of videos/podcasts by Randy, Corey, Gritty, etc., reading through the applicable parts of the ~1400 page elk book Randy recommended, going through UEH, and hours of time in OnX, I'm a little more than a week out from heading to CO...
  5. SPDSpappy

    Looking for CO 2nd or 3rd Rifle Season OTC Elk Camp/Group

    I've been doing a ton of research via YouTube, HuntTalk, books, UEH, FB, etc. to go for my first western hunt. I've been hunting whitetail for 5 or 6 years in IL and OH and I've been to Scotland for red stag as my 40th birthday present last year (my avatar), but I've never hunted out west...
  6. SPDSpappy

    Ft Carson Elk Hunting Help Needed

    Does anyone w/ a CAC have recent experience hunting elk on Ft Carson? If so, is it worth trying? After reviewing GoHunt, this appears to be my best bet for 3rd elk rifle season in terms of % success. I've found and read some old threads on Hunt Talk about hunting Ft Carson, but I think the...
  7. SPDSpappy

    First Elk Application Done!

    Just applied for my very first elk tag (wow, that was pricey!). Following Randy's hunt every year recommendation, I applied for WY in an area w/ a good bull:cow ratio, is mostly public, and has a decent harvest percentage. I have a 15% chance w/ 0 points, but I'm happy I'll get most of my money...
  8. SPDSpappy

    New to Elk & Forum

    I've been interested in elk hunting, but didn't know about the opportunities through DIY public land hunting until some friends in a hunting FB group pointed me to Randy Newberg. I just started hunting 5 years ago after my son took an interest (see attached article from a magazine about our...