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  1. Toadslayer

    Lady friendly elk calibers and model?

    My wife loves her Weatherby Camila .308. Made for women by women. Fits her big boobs.
  2. Toadslayer

    80" Buck? Destroy My Field Judging

    Sorry man. I'm thinking 73 tops. It takes a huge goat to hit 80.
  3. Toadslayer

    Wyoming unit 23

    Lots of nice goats this year. Wettest year I think I have ever seen in unit 23.
  4. Toadslayer

    Wyoming Unit 16 HELP!!!!!

    Lot of hunters pull off I90 and camp right inside the right of way fence. If it was me I would bowhunt it or wait til the last week.
  5. Toadslayer

    U.S. supreme Court case - Big decision ahead
  6. Toadslayer

    U.S. supreme Court case - Big decision ahead

    Our family owns a working cattle ranch on deeded lands on the Crow Rez. Trust me...we have found plenty of headless deer left to waste.
  7. Toadslayer

    U.S. supreme Court case - Big decision ahead

    Of course Montana has to go ahead and fold first.
  8. Toadslayer

    Wyoming License increase for 2018

    My property taxes beg to differ. NR should foot most of the bill. Hunting in another state is a huge luxury. I would pay way more if they cut the NR allocation to under 5% of tags maybe.
  9. Toadslayer

    Wyoming leftover

    I'm getting a little swamped on my offer.. lol I will to try to get back to you folks best I can. I will share some knowledge and help everyone out the best I can. Unit 22 is a hard unit because of all the private land and most of the BLM you see on the maps is hard to access.
  10. Toadslayer

    Wyoming leftover

    Let me know
  11. Toadslayer

    Wyoming leftover

    I have property in unit 22. Please PM me for access and RC/ Camp/Booze access guys.
  12. Toadslayer

    Wyoming leftover

    Ok. This will be an ininteresting post. I have some acreage in unit 22 that I will be interested in an easy hunt and a free camping/ RV spot for some camaraderie.. pm me guys
  13. Toadslayer

    When will Wyoming deer and antelope results be posted?

    Reminder on leftover tags for Wyoming. There is now a left over drawing instead of just first come, first served like before.
  14. Toadslayer

    How to Euro Pronghorn?

    Drill a small hole though each horn on the back for a small nail. Boil/simmer the whole head with the horns submerged to right below prongs for about 30 minutes. Using gloves or oven mits hold up head by horns a twist/pull. Horns should pop right off. Throw whole head back in pot to finish...
  15. Toadslayer

    buffalo area 22

    They are there.
  16. Toadslayer

    buffalo area 22

    Depends on what part of the unit. Some nice bucks but they are spread out this year. Every little reservoir is full and there is still lots of green grass.
  17. Toadslayer

    Wyoming Zone 45

    OP asked about terrain mostly and altitude. Pretty benign questions.... It is a rough and rocky hunt for sure and the altitude is a little harsh on the lungs the first few days. It even kicks my rear early on.
  18. Toadslayer

    Elk .... Let's see them!!!

    2014 WY Bull. 17 yrds
  19. Toadslayer

    Montana 7X6...the Old Fashion Way

  20. Toadslayer

    First Western Hunt-Success

    Sweet. Nice job.