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  1. Badlandcat

    ND Private Land No Trespass Bill SB2315

    unfortunately this bill was intended for private property rights, not hunting. So, now the landowners get the shaft. The lockout movement has started statewide, myself I am pulling my ranch out of PLOTTS and putting the signs back up and locking the gates.
  2. Badlandcat

    ND Private Land No Trespass Bill SB2315

    As a landowner, this is what I want to see. I am sick and tired of turning in hunters for trespassing and the Game and Fish not doing anything about it. Example, caught some guys taking apart a locked gate from the inside of the pasture after they went thru two other gates with no hunting signs...
  3. Badlandcat

    I drew an archery North Dakota tag !

    Now i see why you didn't like it, You where on the wrong side of the interstate!
  4. Badlandcat

    I drew an archery North Dakota tag !

    I have hunted both MT and ND for many years and harvest bigger Mule deer in ND than MT.
  5. Badlandcat

    I drew an archery North Dakota tag !

    Also keep in mind that NoDak is a open section line state, That's means if you are willing to walk a little, there isn't any landlocked public land. For the most part if a hunter can't drive to it, they won't hunt it. Which leaves some parcels of public unhunted for the most part.
  6. Badlandcat

    Old school fish taxidermist.

    Don't have a fish to mount yet, but would like to find a good fish taxidermist that doesn't use a fake head. Preferably in MT or a bordering state. Thanks
  7. Badlandcat

    I drew an archery North Dakota tag !

    Great tag to have. Super long season, great access. If you have the patience and the ability to accurately shoot out to 60 yards, a 160 plus Muley goal is attainable.
  8. Badlandcat

    MT Turkey Tag Results Posted

    No luck here and I get to watch them tease me from my front window.
  9. Badlandcat

    Thoughts on Decoys

    yes, they a definitely worth the money. Won't hunt without one. Called in my daughters first archery bull(310 6 point) in from 400 yards to 12 yards. I am not that good of caller, so it had to be the decoy .
  10. Badlandcat

    Arizona point trick!

    Thanks, won't work for me though. I put in for most species
  11. Badlandcat

    Arizona point trick!

    I was under the impression that you had to have a valid license the actual day the tags are drawn, not the deadline date ?
  12. Badlandcat

    Montana Bull Elk Point Burn

    Both are great choices, but the price of access is lower in 680/690
  13. Badlandcat

    Montana Bull Elk Point Burn

    If your willing to spend a little, I wouldn't overlook 680/690. In Montana the more points you get, doesn't really mean you are going to have a better chance of drawing.
  14. Badlandcat

    Looking for shoulder season help in region 4

    In northern part region 4, most of the shoulder hunts are for friends and family only. There is some open ranches around WSS, but you have to be there the morning the Elk cross the property. I'm sure if you call a few outfitters they would take you out for a fee. For the record I am against the...
  15. Badlandcat

    North Dakota mulie tag?

    All you have to do is buy a quarter section of land and you can get a NR landowner tag, which allows you to hunt all three seasons. You do have to hunt only the land you own, but buy the right parcel and you are set.
  16. Badlandcat

    E3 cow elk tag

    Check your PM box
  17. Badlandcat

    Little belts archery

    Its hard to find a parking spot in Logging creek during archery season, bulls are silent and run from bugles. There are better spots in the Little Belts, but with all the motorized trails it takes a lot of the fun out of it. Best bet is to find a waterhole without a trail camera on it and stake...
  18. Badlandcat

    Check your credit card account

    Just a heads up. My card that I only use to apply for tags got hacked today! Had to be Wyoming or Oregon. That's the only two that had any movement this week. :mad: :mad: It added insult to not drawing in any tags!!!!!!!
  19. Badlandcat

    Montana Buffalo

    Been applying since the season started back up, but now kinda on fence about applying this year. Have heard about a lot of bad experience's in the last couple years. What's everyone's opinion on the hunt? thanks
  20. Badlandcat

    SE Montana winter kill

    Not after deer sheds and they are hanging around the house mainly. They are a unhunted herd, so they don't get to excited seeing humans.