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  1. CoastalPlains

    Mule Deer.... Never got One, I want one

    On a fishing trip to Colorado last fall I was driving down a winding road at about 2 am.. headed up from Oklahoma. As I rounded the bend my headlights caught something mystical. There was a mule deer buck walking up a hill and it stopped right by the side of the road as I creeped by. It was my...
  2. CoastalPlains

    First Time Entering Drawing - Wyoming

    Last year a buddy and myself bought our first preference point in Wyoming for pronghorn. Neither of us have ever hunted pronghorn, but we heard this was where you need to start for Western big game. If you all had 1 point and never hunted pronghorn before, would you just buy another point this...
  3. CoastalPlains


    Hello all, I recently purchased a single pin sight for my bow. I went cheap with the Trophy Ridge Drive. I am wondering if someone can explain this sight tape thing to me? It somehow just seems easier to sight it in myself and use waterproof tape to mark the yardage but I would love to know...
  4. CoastalPlains

    Mesa, AZ, Good Place to Live?

    Hello fellow sportsmen/women. I am considering applying for a job in Mesa, AZ. I was wondering if anyone here is familiar with the area and may know if it would be a good place to live/hunt? My family and I would prefer to live in a more rural community so I would love to hear if there are any...
  5. CoastalPlains

    Banded Red Zone Insulated Breathable Waders

    I have a pair of Banded Red Zone Insulated Breathable Waders in size 14T for sale. They were worn on a couple of cattle pond hunts in Oklahoma as well as one week on the Great Salt Lake in Utah. There are 1 year old now, rarely hunted in, no leaks at all, and I'm asking $120. Absolute steal for...
  6. CoastalPlains

    Complete Newcomer

    Hello everyone. This is the first forum I've ever joined and honestly the first forum post I have ever made. I am really wanting to pursue a pronghorn. I moved out to Oklahoma a year ago and have been consumed with the thought of pursuing a pronghorn ever since. I've been a hunter of deer...