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  1. RobG

    That $480,000 sheep tag

    Remember that time the bighorn auction tag went for $480,000? Well, I happed upon the rest of the amusing story.
  2. RobG

    Being my huckleberry...

    Perhaps one of the greatest mysteries expressed on this board is WTF Val Kilmer means when he offers his services as a huckleberry. Well, Christy the Wordsmith has solved the mystery. Go here: and scroll down to "Huckleberry" and get the scoop.
  3. RobG

    Pack out distance for goat harvest (Montana)

    Hello - I am gathering info on the typical distances required to pack out a mountain goat for a project I'm working on. I am interested in Montana hunts only, and especially those in the Crazy Mountains. If you got a goat or know someone who got a goat, how long was the pack out? It would be...
  4. RobG

    SW Crazy Mountain Land Swap: Not Good for Big Game and Fish

    Hi folks, A land swap was just made public in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle and Billings Gazette. I was tipped off to some concerning aspects of it a while back, but I wanted to digest the actual proposal before commenting here or in the press. Ive taken a look at it and it is still a bad deal...
  5. RobG

    Gravelly Range Closure: Grizzlies From the article:
  6. RobG

    Jupiter and Saturn

    If you don't know, now is a real good time to check out Jupiter and Saturn with your spotting scope. Jupiter is the bright "star" in the south after sunset. If you look at it through a good 50x scope you can see the four Galilean moons in obvious orbit, and even the cloud bands. Even with 10x...
  7. RobG

    Crazy Mountain Access Fund Accounting

    I've owed you guys this for some time: Income: Total donations received (including my own contributions): $8125.74 Expenses: Karl Knuchel (Attorney fees) $2500.00 Kat QuannaYahu (services) $ 500.00 Paypal fees $ 237.22 Donation to Sweet Grass County Foundation (required by my...
  8. RobG

    Friday funny music

  9. RobG

    If Big Fin seems stressed...

    Perhaps this is why...
  10. RobG

    Bill allowing crossbows during MT archery

    SB 174 would allow people disabled or over the age of 70 to use crossbows during the regular archery season. It will be heard by the Senate Fish and Game Committee on Tuesday, Feb 5th. Tell me your thoughts... Is it allowed in your state? Did it start with similar restrictions and morph into...
  11. RobG

    Trail cam for trailhead thieves

    We are getting quite a few break ins at area trailheads. Are there any good webcams out there that might be good for monitoring the cars going in and out?
  12. RobG

    Wilks selling MT ranches

    Like a flock of seagulls, they flew in, crapped on everything, then left.
  13. RobG

    Requiring bear spray for hunters

    Give you one guess which town the guy who came up with this idea resides in...
  14. RobG

    Tagging deer, the Rosendale way

    Where's the tag on this deer? Do they tag the balls in Maryland or something?
  15. RobG

    Another Weed Question

    I volunteer spray a couple back-country weed patches for the Forest Service. Last night I was in the Spanish Peaks at a Yellow Toadflax patch I've been treating since 2016. The toadflax is about gone, but in its place are a couple of tall grasses that look out of place. The first grass has...
  16. RobG

    Missing Crazy Mountain Hiker/hunter

    A person who was volunteering with the Rocky Mountain Goat Alliance to count goats in the Crazy Mountains didn't return Sunday. He was in the Cave Lake area (aka Milly Creek up the Sweet Grass drainage). If anyone was up there and saw anything relevant contact the Park County Sheriff's office...
  17. RobG

    Crazy Mountain Trail Proposal Scoping!

    This is a huge step forward in a standoff that has been going on for about a decade on the west side of the Crazy Mountains. The USFS has put a proposal out for comments. Information, including a mediocre map, is at the bottom of the article, or at the Forest Service site. I am trying to get a...
  18. RobG

    Crazy Mountain access update

    Hi Folks, There was an editorial in the Billings Gazette that deserves another side of the story so it is time for an update. First, some background. The trail I got my ticket on, trail 135, is on the east side of the Crazy Mountains between Big Timber and Sweet Grass Creeks. It is, however...
  19. RobG

    Matching donations for BHA (1.5 days left).

    My friend Paul Kemper is doing a birthday fundraiser for Backcountry Hunters and Anglers. I said I'd match any donations up to $1000, and we are only $160 short of the $1000 goal! A few $10-$20 donations will put us over. The matching money is coming from the money that was donated to me for the...
  20. RobG

    MT: Choose 900-20 Antelope license or rifle

    There is a broader thread on proposed changes, but the subject of the 900-20 hasn't really been discussed. Antelope/Goat/Bison and Bear changes are at The following is proposed: "Statewide...