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  1. Foxtrot1

    Hunt talk 7x57

    Broke the little rifle out today to sight it in. Looks like its gonna be a shooter. This is the 1st batch of handloads, 160 gr partitions I've tried in it. And Audra was shooting it off a bipod after I sighted it in. Moved it 1/2" right after her first group. That got her into the bullseye. Shes...
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    Hunting Meme Thread

    Fishing related, but would apply to hunting gear...
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    My new smokepole

    Most of the men in my family would all meet for the primitive weapons hunts on our WMAs when I was a kid. Both of my uncles carried that exact rifle and sling. Just seeing one still brings back memories and the smell of powder.
  4. Foxtrot1

    Want to sale!

    rubbing alcohol usually does a pretty good job of removing pine sap
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    Hunting Meme Thread

    We've been remodeling a house for about a year. I have threatened to put a parental lock on DIY network and HGTV.
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    Hunting Meme Thread

  7. Foxtrot1

    30-06 vs 300 WM in the real world?

    You add about 20-30 yds on a maximum point blank range by going to a 300 mag. Doesnt seem like much for the added recoil, noise, etc... I would consider one if I consistently shot heavy for caliber bullets at larger game.
  8. Foxtrot1

    So long TV - Hello Amazon

    I agree with most of the comments already made. We cut the cord to cable about 8 months ago and have relied on amazon prime to watch your episodes. I pretty much have stopped watching all outdoors shows except Fresh Tracks and Steve Rinella's show.
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    Hunt talk 7x57

    I built that one a couple of years ago for myself. I took an old 8x57 Husqvarna hunting rifle apart for the base. So it's an early (1941) FN 98 commercial action with new hinged bottom metal, a 3 position Dakota safety, timney trigger, and match grade douglas barrel. I saved the original banded...
  10. Foxtrot1

    Shotgun for my wife

    My friend Ann got a standard Franchi Instinct for Christmas a couple of years a go. She's about 5', so she's on the short side. A great investment was going to a shotgun fitter that modified her stock specifically for her. For about $75 he shortened her stock until the gun dialed in on his...
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    Hunt talk 7x57

    Right now it has the stock trigger. I free floated the barrel. At some point I will bed it, but I have a batch to do and didnt have time. If it gets substantial use, I will probably upgrade to a timney trigger.
  12. Foxtrot1

    Hunt talk 7x57

    Not quite a staysharp post.... A couple of years ago my brother picked up an interarms mark x 7x57 from the classifieds here. Through some horse trading I got it from him last summer. He had let it fall out of his truck and it had some road rash. The 1970s stock never seemed to fit it anyway...
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    Deadheads - Let's see 'em

    Found this guy a couple of weeks ago. He was within 100 yrs of the green field he was probably shot on. Good whitetail for Alabama
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    No blood?

    We were lucky. If he hadn't have been at bayonet range, I would have given up and chalked it up to a crazy miss. I just couldn't comprehend how I missed him that close. I was afraid the shot had been back into the liver after we hadn't found sign in a couple of hundred yards, but it was even...
  15. Foxtrot1

    No blood?

    He had a little in his nostrils, but not much. It pretty much stayed in his chest cavity. This is how we found him
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    No blood?

    A couple of weeks ago, I had a strange experience with a deer I shot. I was hunting from the ground and had a buck chase a doe right to me. I ended up shooting him broadside at about 15-20 yds with my 7x57. After the shot I was expecting to see a deer lying there, but he had disappeared over...
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    An unusual visitor to my shop. 🐺

    Pretty animal. No way I would take it out on a leash. After training bird dogs and carrying them around in public, it amazes me at the lack of etiquette the public has when dealing with someone else's dog. I've had to learn to read subtle ques in my dogs body language from working together...
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    30-06 nosler vs hornady

    My 30-06 shoots both well and either should work for what you are doing. The SST is a "softer" bullet and comes apart quicker than the accubond. It is closer to a nosler ballistic tip in performance. The accubonds seem to penetrate more and do less meat damage on deer sized game. I have settled...
  19. Foxtrot1

    New Dog Thoughts

    Duetsche Kurtzhaars and drahthaars are essentially the European standard for german shorthaired pointers and German wirehaired pointers. As part of the breed standard at approximately 1 to, they go thru a physical and hunt test to evaluate pointing, retrieving on land and water, and blood...
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    New Dog Thoughts

    My DK was a rescue, and she has turned into a fine bird dog, but with a few quirks from missing her early training for birds. I really wouldn't risk the investment of time and money to train an average rescue dog that had unknown potential. If you are considering a quasi rescue route, look for...