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    Halloween is over

    Somehow It's just more fun
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    Pet Peeves

    I've got a few but the one that seems to get to me the most is when a tree falls across a forest road the first guy that shows up with a saw almost always seems to cut a section out of the log just wide enough so if you go real slow you can squeeze a truck through with 2 inches to spare on each...
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    The lottery

    Ever since the state started the lottery here back in the 80's I have been donating money to all the great projects it funds. Not much, never more than 5 to 10 bucks a week, usually less than 5. In hind sight I guess that money would have been better off in my 401K but what's the fun in that...
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    Help planning an elk hunt

    OK here’s the deal. My Buddy and I have been hunting elk our whole lives here in the brush of Western Oregon. We got to talking the other day and decided that now that we are retired it might be fun to try something a little different. A hunt in the Rockies. Maybe someone out there can help us...
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    A sweet deal

    Do to work, family commitments and other reasons my son in law sold his bow and quit bow hunting a few years back. Now last winter he asked me about recurve bows because he was wanting to get back to bow hunting. We talked and I told him he was welcome to come over and shoot mine any time he...
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    Hunting in Oregon

    Looking at the “best state for a hunting retreat thread” I noticed that Oregon is not mentioned except to say "Not Oregon". There are plenty of good reasons I know but I got to thinking about the opportunities that do exist here. I will give you that for this scenario to work the stars would...
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    what are the odds?

    Here in the valley where I live there are two basalt rock formations that rise up about 800 ft. above the valley floor. They are called upper and lower table rocks. They are managed by BLM and have nice hiking trails up to the top for folks who want to pretend they are wilderness hikers. On any...
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    Whitetail, east vs. west

    I’ve never hunted whitetails. I’ve only seen maybe 100 of them in my life but I have watched a lot of hunting shows. I have noticed that in those shows, in the ones filmed in the East, Midwest and the South 8 out of 10 of the really big bucks killed are what they call an 8 point. In reality they...
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    Stalking the wild asparagus

    Went out this morning to do some gathering rather than hunting and got a pretty good bunch of asparagus the only bad part was the 15 ticks I found on me afterwards
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    When bad Ideas woork

    We were duck hunting on my favorite reservoir and as usual the birds stopped flying after the first two hours. Three white fronts had landed on the opposite shore, we watched them and talked about them for about an hour. I decided that since normally whenever we shoot the birds on the water or...
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    Why can't I post pictures?

    The fist time I tried to post a picture I used the IMG icon and it worked fine. Since then I haven't been able to post a picture. Is there some trick I am missing?
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    a Robin Hood (sort of)

    I Have been shooting a recurve since 1966. Started with wooden arrows then went to aluminum in the late 70s. I tried countless broadheads over the years but have stuck with muzzy for the last decade or so. Well this year I decided to try carbon arrows so I bought a dozen three months ago. Loved...
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    Bear Camp almost got another

    Bear Camp road runs from the Rogue Valley over the Siskiyou Mountains to the coast here in Southern Oregon. It is not passable in the winter because of snow. More than one has died after being stranded up there. The last one was when a family got stuck and after a week the dad tried to walk out...
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    New from Oregon

    Actually I'm not that new anymore, as a matter of fact I'm getting kinda old. But I'm new here. So Howdy.