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    once fired Lapua brass. .308 50- large primer $40 50- small primer $40 shipped prices
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    NE Wyo 2019 goat

    On my way back from an elk trip I spotted this nice goat in an area with a creek bottom that I knew I could put a sneak on. Watched him run off 2 other bucks and when he came back to move his does I put a good shot on him at 70yds with my Xbow. Was a great end to an awesome adventure.
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    Greys River 2019

    Another Greys river trip inthe books!. Packed in 74lb camp 3 miles and had bulls bugleing all night long within 200yds of camp. Morning one we called in and stuck a nice 5x4 bull. 35yd frontal shot with over 4.5ft of penetration. Broadhead was two inches from coming out its back ham.! ran 30 yds...
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    NE Wyoming 2019 hunt

    Took my cousin, his brother inlaw and a friend out deer hunting this past week. NE Wyoming public land bucks. 2 with the bows day one (sept 29) and 2 with rifles on opening day (Oct 1). Finished the hunt off with a doe/fawn antelope hunt. Great hunt with some great friends!
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    WTS- Ti stove pipe, 73.5x 2.5 inch

    For sale. Ti stove pipe from a lite outdoors stove.. 73.5 inch x 2.5'. Burned in 5 times. no bands. $60 shipped
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    Wts- Remington 700 vssf .308

    Remington 700 VSSF 308 barreled action in a HS precision stock. Aluminum v-block, 26' fluted sendero contour barrel, brake, laRue tac 20moa rail, tuned trigger, Bushnell elite 10x scope. Brownelles alumahyde coating on rifle and stock. Wrought iron fluted bolt by LRI......less than 350 rounds...
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    Nightforce Rem 700 2 piece base. 20moa

    Nightforce Rem 700 2 piece base 20moa. Short action. $80 shipped
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    Wtb- Ti stove with 8ft pipe

    Wanted to buy, Ti stove with 8ft pipe. Let me know what you got
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    Wtt Glock 27 Gen4, .40cal for Ti stove

    Glock 27 Gen4, .40cal with 2 9round mags and 1 10round mag...shipped. $400. Or teade for Ti stove and cash.
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    Wts Glock 27 Gen4, .40 cal

    Glock 27 Gen4, .40cal with 2 9round mags and 1 10round mag...shipped. $400 or would trade for a Ti stove amd cash.
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    220 swift bench die, Norma swift brass and 22cal berger bullets

    Foster 220 swift bench rest die. $40 Norma 220 swift brass(new) 100ct. $80 Berger 22cal 52gn varmit moly, 427 count. $120 Shipped prices
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    6.5 bullets

    6.5 berger140g vld target- 17 ct. $7 6.5 hornady 140 spire point- 100 ct. $25 6.5 Barnes match burner 140g BT Match- 53 ct. $15 All are Moly coated, straight moly no wax. Shipped prices
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    Phone skope Sansung Galaxy S8 Active, Vanguard adapter

    New in carry bag . Phone scope case for Samsung Galaxy S8 Active $45 shipped($50 new plus shipping).... 3 available Adapter C3-061-i/a - fits Vanguard Endeavor HD and XF Spotting Scopes $25 shipped ($30 new plus shipping)..3 available
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    SOLD......Nightforce nxs 3.5-15x50

    Nightforce nxs 3.5-15x50 with rings. Safe queen. Coming off a .220 swift with less than 200 rds....... Looking at the serial number P05495, it's a 2004 nxs C131. it's 3.5-15x50. It has a flat top elevation turret so its non ZeroStop model that has 10 MOA per rotation. It has a NP-R2 reticle...
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    New to this group from NE wyo

    Hey there, im new to this group. Same username as 24hourcampfire and rokslide, magnum44270. Born in raised in Wi and currently reside NE Wyo for the last 5 years. Combat rescue AF vet. And current LEO.
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    sold...Rem 700 ETRONX .220 swift

    Up for sale is the worlds fastest gun. Remington 700 ETRONX in 220 Swift. 26 inch fluted sendero barrel. Low round count. Tack driver. Fastest caliber, fastest gun..... Comes with heavy duty custom fit pelican case. ...Nightforce nxs 3.5-15x50 can be included for $1500 extra....$900 for rifle...