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    Looking to offload some lightly used items to fund some new gear and a 2020 trip to Alaska for caribou. Items are well-taken-care-of,in a non-smoking home. All prices are OBO. Unless stated otherwise, I’ll pay the shipping. You can save a few bucks if buying multiple items due to combined...
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    Wyoming White Tail

    Good evening. Some buddies and I are headed out to WY for pronghorn, and decided to pick up some white tail doe tags as well. We'll be in unit 29, going in cold. So far I've identified a few spots to check out along the Powder River, figuring they might be near the river. I've also found a...
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    Westerner Trapped on the East Coast

    Good Morning. I've been lurking here for a while. I grew up in Idaho mostly, though didn't start hunting until I was about 30. Most of that so far has been whitetail and feral hogs. I'm a rifle hunter, no muzzle loader or archery or anything, yet. I've already learned much from this site...