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    30 min to go ohio gun

    My little guy wants to get a 10 point so he convinced me to head out Doe right by neighbors stand on walk in.
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    Western New York bear and deer...i bagged a boat

    I grew up in western New York and have a lifetime license. Watching Randy's bear videos got me wanting a bear and haven eaten over 30 tags I decided to go on a hunt with dad. Our area at the south end of Canandaigua Lake has changed dramatically since we hunted it with bows 25 years ago. The...
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    HDontap pa elk cam watch tend cows tonight

    Check out this cam if you want to learn and hear elk.
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    1999 f150 salvage title?

    I am looking at 99 f150 dual cab 4x4 w 6.5 bed and cap 166000 miles. It will be more of a farm truck but would take on hunting trips. Wants 2200 need brakes. Sounds bad when drive it but rotors don't look too bad yet. I have a camper that weighs 10500 so this won't pull it but like price. I want...
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    Dirty and shot "new" savage youth axis?

    I took a buddy to Dick's sporting goods yesterday to get out house from kids and wife getting ready for New Years Party and it was last day of $100 rebate. No one else in area cabelas included has a axis left cause of Christmas and rebate. Dick's has the gun with cheap throwaway scope for $100...