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    Good taxidermist for lion Colorado?

    Anyone know a good taxidermist for lion in Colorado my guy is moving to Idaho. I have one tanned and ready to mount, I looked at big cat taxidermy in Craig I think it was he’s awesome but no way I’m parting with $5,000 for a lion mount. Thanks
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    Late season Colorado unit 103 deer

    Hi guys I drew a unit 103 late season rifle tag for buck. I have went out a few times scouting and talked to the warden a couple times he mentioned some spots to check out but I was wondering about the dry lake bed that used to be Bonny reservoir it's really thick and overgrown in there do the...
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    26 nosler vs 6.5-300 weatherby

    I know they are similar in ballistics what do you guys think about these two cartridges head to head? I will be using one or the other for elk just want your thoughts. Thank you
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    colorado unit 103 whitetail

    Hello everyone I'm new to your forum and not real tech savvy but I'm glad to be here. I have a question on unit 103 at bonny I have 8 preference points and was planning on hunting the late december season if anyone has hunted this season do you think its worth the wait or use the points on...