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    Bump. Open to offers, just don't offer less than what it'll cost to ship...
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    Starting out- advice welcome

    Super interesting read, and relevant to where I’m at. I’m a couple years into the points game, but still pretty new to western hunting. Some really good insight here. For what it’s worth, here’s what I do: in a couple states I build deer/elk/antelope points, with the intent that every year I...
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    Helinox Chair Zero sold. Taking reasonable offers.
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    Looking to offload some lightly used items to fund some new gear and a 2020 trip to Alaska for caribou. Items are well-taken-care-of,in a non-smoking home. All prices are OBO. Unless stated otherwise, I’ll pay the shipping. You can save a few bucks if buying multiple items due to combined...
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    Wyoming Antelope draw question

    If your goal is to hunt does and accumulate a point for next year, apply for whatever doe tags you want (first choice, though some can probably be drawn as second), and then buy your antelope point later in the summer. Just don’t forget. The doe tags won’t affect your points in any way.
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    A theoretical question.

    I’m no optics specialist, just a regular dude. I’ve got the BX4 and I’m real happy.
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    What is the 1 rifle you regretted buying or wished you never had bought?

    My first bolt rifle. Savage Model 12 LRP in 6.5 CM. At the time I wasn’t into hunting yet, mostly just target shooting. And for that it was a great rifle. But try carrying that pig around the woods, and regret sets in. It was about 11 or 12 lbs without scope/rings/sling/bipod/ammo. Sold it...
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    Tag strat, bounce it off you

    OP, your original plan may still work. As Thomas11 pointed out, in some states you can turn back a tag, and in some you have a long “grace period” after the application deadline where you can withdraw or change your application, prior to the draw results being posted. In reading about WYs new...
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    Idaho Elk Tags SOLD OUT

    This is only tangentially related to tag applications... I'm an ID resident. A few years back, I filed my tax return early, as I usually do. I called them around mid-May, asking where my refund was. They told me that if they waited past 15 June (I believe that was the date), they would have...
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    2020 Antelope Hunt - Very Special Plans

    Thanks brother.
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    2020 Antelope Hunt - Very Special Plans

    Awesome, I'll put in for a tag or two. Definitely post up a report and let us know how it goes.
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    2020 Antelope Hunt - Very Special Plans

    Let me know what unit/type I would need to apply for, and I'll add it to my application list.
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    2020 Antelope Hunt - Very Special Plans

    Not sure I can help out, as I will likely be out of the country next fall. If we can make it work, I’m happy to put in for a doe/dawn tag, and if I draw, I’ll donate it. Is that something that will work?
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    Time for Land Tawney to step down?

    Some interesting debate here. I'm in the middle - surely humans are having impacts on this planet - but to what degree and in what ways, I'm not positive, and I don't think anyone really knows for sure. Things are definitely changing, but getting to one isolated cause is more difficult. I...
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    Calibres you'd like to own

    This is a boring answer. I’ve never owned anything larger than the 270 short mag that I currently hunt with. At some point soon I’ll be getting more/larger gun. Something between 280AI on the small end and 338WM on the large end. May end up with a good old -06 or 300WM.
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    Any pointers - Wyoming pronghorn, whitetail

    Found some whitetails on public land a few weeks back. They were in region C, but a few hours from antelope unit 15. Shoot me a PM if you’re interested.
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    What are your 2020 plans?

    What will you be putting in for? Points for a few species in a few states. A buddy invited me up to Fairbanks for Caribou next year, so that’s the only hunting trip I have planned. What else will you be hunting? I would like to get into fishing and small game, just locally on weekends. Other...
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    I Need Some Honest Opinions

    Easily one of the best threads I’ve read. We all age and our abilities change. This is part of life and I’m happy to see our community handling it with grace and a level head. For the OP: no one will judge you whatever you decide. It’s clear from your posts you won’t be doing anything...