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    Youth hunt?

    Wyoming antelope is fun because you are always seeing animals. Arizona cow elk hunt is what I did with my son 2 years ago. We saw elk every day and he drew a drop of blood on one and totally missed another. It is about getting experience and that hunt does that.We missed the elk camp because of...
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    2019 Alaska Bison Hunt - Start date November 2nd

    Thanks for the story, really enjoyed it. Don't worry about long posts/stories.people can chose to read or not. Have you gotten the rug back yet? We need a pic.
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    Arizona Elk Hunt

    Congratulations. Nice write up. My son drew youth cow tag 6a and had issues too. Drew one drop blood and missed 60 yards another time. Dont know if we should go back again or bank a lot points cheap like you did.
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    Beau Batys Wyoming elk hunt

    Enjoyed time I spent with Beau 2 summers ago. He has such positive energy. Fun watching video series of him and rooting him on.
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    2019 Adventures

    Is the next hunt for pronghorn or still elk? What state were you hunting for elk?
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    30 min to go ohio gun

    Day 4 Well shooting deer got everyone's attention and both my son's wanted to go. It was later than I wanted. In pic you will see the shooting stick from primos. I dont like that it says jim shockey on it but it is way quicker to set up and then adjust for the kids than the bogpog sticks. I...
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    30 min to go ohio gun

    Opening Day. Here is ohio season from start. Little guy wants to go out and my older son can't make up his mind if he wants to go. I take the little one and I have gun to see if anything comes out in last half hour. He really just wants to go I think cause I give him my phone to play games so...
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    30 min to go ohio gun

    So after being pinned down for awhile we climb into stand with 9 min left of shooting time. I was posting above pic and my son says dad what are those? The deer are coming from neighbors sanctuary and going to cross into our green field. With 3 min left they are 121 yards thank you Santa. My...
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    30 min to go ohio gun

    10 min to go and now in stand. A doe was 200 yards away by neighbors barn. Went the wrong way. We couldnt get up in stand. Wish I had brought shooting sticks in case it did come this way. Hoping to get to use early Christmas present from santa a leupold 1600ti range finder.
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    30 min to go ohio gun

    My little guy wants to get a 10 point so he convinced me to head out Doe right by neighbors stand on walk in.
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    Western New York bear and deer...i bagged a boat

    Day 3 Well alarm went off again and was worried I would lose a 38 year friendship. We got breakfast and dad some coffee. While driving we started calculating when we would need to leave to get back for my daughter's cross country banquet. Basically we would drive a little over an hour to hunt...
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    Western New York bear and deer...i bagged a boat

    Day 2 I wake up to the most annoying rooster I have ever heard. It crows at a very fast cadence of one crow every second. I thought i went on this hunt to get away. It is dad's new alarm sound on phone. He says that it is so loud and annoying that he cant sleep through it...agreed. We have a...
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    USFS suddenly shuts public roads prior to elk hunt

    Hunt clint's well from the highway or anywhere along there. Just drive at dusk and try not to get one. That's why my hunting truck has a tape player not a mp3. A 4 thousand dollar bullet is a lot easier to swallow than 45-50,000. I do like idea that give warning and if need help really have to...
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    Snow skiing vs water skiing

    My buddy who is athletic skied with me without ever taking a lesson. He was very good at hockey and kind of did a hockey stop thing to turn. He also was a good water skier but that didnt help him as much except to be bold enough to go down black diamonds in New York with me. Diamonds in the east...
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    Western New York bear and deer...i bagged a boat

    I grew up in western New York and have a lifetime license. Watching Randy's bear videos got me wanting a bear and haven eaten over 30 tags I decided to go on a hunt with dad. Our area at the south end of Canandaigua Lake has changed dramatically since we hunted it with bows 25 years ago. The...
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    Montana on the Upswing?

    Isn't a 60 footer where you get the quote "Looks great. Lot of sap in here, little full". Even movies have gone down hill in last 30 years. But in all seriousness I have stayed away from Montana because of all the posts here of mismanagement. Good point earlier about sw States ie Arizona where...
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    Montana on the Upswing?

    Yup I am from ohio and didnt want to pay the high license cost. But I have been think more about a nice mule deer lately and so this post has got me thinking. Hunt elk in archery and come back in November for deer. Now to find a spot with no grizzly. Wife will crap about two trips. And I was...
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    Illegal hunting on College Campus

    Look around dairy barns. It is way more built up than back in the day. I once saw a huge buck next to 70 downtown between town and main. Now that is urban.
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    .350 legend... sell me on it

    I bought one because I have 4 kids in a straight wall state, Ohio. Also after getting hammered by my slug gun for years I might use it if kids are not out with me. I called the ohio dnr and they told me that .355 is an anomaly and they consider it legal per the .357 minimum bullet size. You can...
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    AZ Youth deer and javelina hunt

    Son had tag last year but only went one day because of having youth elk tag also. Glassed from rest area and went further south. Started raining hard didnt see anything. Wish we would have gone to crown king like planned but it looked like even worse weather up there.