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    Boat motor review?

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    Side-by-Side Shotguns

    Really a great chukar pic
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    Essential Poll

    Made my first beer run in 1961, I was seven. Dad was a captain then, stationed at Ft Wainwright out side Fairbanks. Supply chain was iffy then with beer non-existent. Dad got word a cargo plane was inbound with groceries and beer. It was about 40 below. The army being the army Dad knew the beer...
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    Grizzly Bear Hunt 2019

    I always describe the “Line” on a tundra hike as a drunken surveyor following a three legged coyote.
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    Grizzly Bear Hunt 2019

    No Char and Grayling pics, cmon man. 😇 Great bear, isn’t that just the coolest country.
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    Wall tent Pros/Cons

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    Bear hunting from water

    I know there are guys floating the Grande Rhonde in Oregon, drift boats and or rafts only, for spring bear. Haven’t talked to anyone who has done it but there are a lot of bears in the breaks.
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    Hells Canyon Bear Hunting

    Lots of bears. Hunted elk and the occasional bear in there in the late 80 early 90s. It’ll be spot and stalk hunting with all the long range shooting potential I guy could want want. We were always north of Hat point, Oregon side. Spectacular country, not for the faint of heart.
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    First Mule Deer Hunt - Lucky is an understatement (Long Read)

    Well done. What’s next?
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    Montana Canvas 16'x20' Wall Tent FS

    A buddy of mine is looking, I have one like yours, he is envious. He’s not on the site. Are you listing it any place else he might see it?
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    Choosing a guide service

    Have fun.
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    How many trips for a solo pack-out

    That son is a pretty good load😉
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    How many trips for a solo pack-out

    I’ve done it 42 or 44 times on my tag, did four extra this fall for friends. God knows how many in total. Last time I did a bull in two trips was 30 years ago, I was 35. Dumb. Most of my elk are killed in the same canyon. Last 1/2 to 3/4 mile you gain about 1200 feet. I’m very content to take...
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    Choosing a guide service

    To guide in the National Forest the operators need to have a Conditional use permit, pick your region, see who’s got a permit and while your at it see if those operators have any complaints or violations. You might be able to weed out a poor operator right there. Check with the state licensing...
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    Well There Goes Idaho

    Hell we had a Governor in Oregon back in the 70s that pleaded with Californians to visit but don’t stay. The add campaign didn’t work. Look at Portland. Boise is next, read it’s the fastest growing city in the west.
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    Anyone use Bear Spray past 4 Years?

    I too use the old stuff for training our guides and guests. I’ve seen the really old stuff hardly work as described above. In addition to training the old stuff can be used to drive porcupines out from under the lodge or guest cabins and drive bats out of the eves. It’s not a permanent solution...
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    Always wanted one

    I carried one for two years before transitioning to Sigs. Sure felt good at 0dark thirty having that with me.
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    Restoring my Father's Model 37 shotgun

    Amazing work.
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    A sad reminder, take precautions

    Good lord, I trust we’ll get a full report.