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  1. BuckRut

    Wyoming Thorofare

    Not necessarily looking to go next year but just feeling out how game any Wyoming residents would be to taking a trip into the Thorofare if I were to draw a tag in a couple years.
  2. BuckRut


    Was really sad to see a gram post form Corey Jacobsen yesterday using E-bikes off road. They are without any question motorcycles and need to be treated as such in regards to off-road and non-motorized trail restrictions. These are going to become a huge issue in the near future. What's your...
  3. BuckRut

    CO 25/26 2nd Season

    I put in for the unit 25/26 2nd season tag this year. Any advice to avoid what crowds there will be? What kind of crowds am I looking at as well?
  4. BuckRut

    NM Deer Hunt Codes

    I am just wanting to double check myself that I am reading the deer hunt codes correctly. Can someone verify for me that the public land hunt codes for 2B and 2C late rifle are 1-113 and 1-125? Thanks,
  5. BuckRut

    Effect of Aging Hunters on Bonus Points

    A buddy and I were discussing the bonus point issue the other day and he brought up a good thought. Do you guys think once the current wave of hunters that have been in the game since points were invented start to quit hunting that it will have any major effect on point creep. Not say it will...
  6. BuckRut

    AZFGD Portal Information

    I applied for the first time in AZ this year and just noticed that apparently I don't have my portal account and my sportsmans ID linked. I have a portal account but it doesn't show that I have applied for the draw or bought a license. Does anyone know how I get the portal account linked to...
  7. BuckRut

    Arizona Unit #9 Late Rifle Hunt

    I have decided to start the nonresident hunting gig this year and am beginning to wade through starting to figure out some of the units. My question about Unit #9 is in regards to the late rifle hunt and why the odds are so much higher. Is it just the difficulty of finding the elk or are the...