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  1. rlmmatt

    wtb t.a.g. bags or Caribou Game bags for moose

    I'm looking to see if anyone has any moose game bags laying around they want to get rid off. It's one of those animals most people don't due alot of. So I'm thinking someone may have gone on a trip in the past and has a set laying around they could get rid of. Let me know what you got...
  2. rlmmatt

    final 3 supreme court picts

    The nightly news said trump was going to announce his pick from three on monday. Does anyone know anything sportsman related about Brett kavanaugh? Amy barret? Raymond kethledge? 2nd amendment related Public lands Hunting related In advance if this goes south please freeze it or take it down...
  3. rlmmatt

    mystery ranch quick draw rifle sling?

    So I've been looking at these on YouTube and a slight recommendation from one person on rokslide but I can't find any real information on pros and cons on these. Anyone out there care to elaborate on their experience. I can't get used to...
  4. rlmmatt

    Nra convention 18

    Who going and would you like to get together for dinner fri
  5. rlmmatt

    On x maps with garmin drive trac

    I'm desperately trying to find a larger fixed mount gps to put on my side by side. I recently hunted ky for elk and rode around in the black hills with my viking. Id like a unit that was capable of reading onx chips as well as topo overlays. I'm thinking about the garmin drive trac coupled to...
  6. rlmmatt

    outdoorsman discount code

    I'm looking at purchasing a micro pan head but can't find anyone interested in selling one. Over on rockslide there are quite a few wtb's already on there with no answer so I think the only way to get one is new. Does anyone have a code they would like to share Thanks robert
  7. rlmmatt

    Arkansas duck hunting

    I'm trying to book a family get together last minute for a duck hunting trip for this winter. We are open to where and when. Doe anyone have any good outfitters they would recommend. Thanks again robert
  8. rlmmatt

    Wts nikon ed 50 plus extras

    Wts a nikon ed 50 with phone scope adapter, lens protector, lens cover, and clay spy case. Ever thing is as new except a stitching blow out from the manufacture. Due to ordering from England I didn't ship it back 550tyd
  9. rlmmatt

    swaro spotting scope cover

    forgive me if this has already been asked a few weeks ago i pulled the cord on a new swaro ats hd 65 and now im tring to find a cover to keep it in good shape unfortunatly im only finding them from kings with mediocre reviews and 280 from swaro. I can by the swaro from cly spy from Europe and...
  10. rlmmatt

    flying with a thermocell

    One of the hunts I have planned for this year is coming up and I'll be traveling to nunavut. I'm thinking Flys and mesquito may be bad so I'm planning on bringing a thermocell but I'm unsure of flying with one. Anyone out here have any experience with this and if it's been asked before I...
  11. rlmmatt

    choosing a 308 for elk

    so as i've mentioned before i got drawn for the KY elk hunt but ive never been elk hunting before. Ive decided to take my 308 xbolt over the 3006 xbolt or the 300win mag encore because im more confortable with the 308 and because i may need some quick follow up shots over the encore. Today I...
  12. rlmmatt

    wtb delorme inreach

    If anyone has a unit there interested in getting rid of please give me a shout Thanks robert
  13. rlmmatt

    wtb ee quilt long x wide with at least a 20 degree ratting

    Im looking for a quilt for a caribou hunt in Nunavut if you have something similar I'm also interested. It needs to be long and at least a wide (I'm a 2x ' 3xl body size):) Thanks robert
  14. rlmmatt

    muskox game meat

    So I'm thinking about adding a muskox to a guided caribou trip I've been planning for. I asked the guide what size coolers to bring and suggested logistics on bringing the meat back and he told me that bull muskox during the rut was only good for dog food. Anyone ever had the meat should I...
  15. rlmmatt

    help help help any and all help appreciated ky bull elk tag

    So this morning I'm reading through the forum and I see that some one has checked and didn't win the ky elk lottery so it gets me thinking that I should go check. Now let me explain I lived in ky when they started the introduction but moved away before they started the hunt. Each year I've...
  16. rlmmatt

    Big fin and bear scat

    Okay I got to ask (and I'm open to most things) what made you decide to take the first bite much less finish off the loose stuff in your hand. I've smelled black bear scat from NC and it's repulsive. My hat is off to you for trying new things though:D thanks robert
  17. rlmmatt

    hunting organizations like the NRA that fight against PETA and support hunting rights

    I like to start by apologizing if this thread has already been started but Im reading alot about keeping our public lands in federal hands and seeing alot in the news where our hunting rights are slowing being eroded away. Im a lifetime NRA member but what large organizations are out there...
  18. rlmmatt

    im looking for a rugged pair of waders

    last year i went bear hunting in columbia NC and the hunting was awesome but i was constantly getting in water over my boots. so each night they were in the boot dryer and not quite dry for the next day. After the first hour my pants and boots were wet again for the rest of the day. So this...