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  1. J

    Wyoming cow elk

    very true but with preference points being used for type 4 and type 6 being random draw you can gain a little more insight as to whether you will draw or not.
  2. J

    First attempt at Wyoming antelope draw

    Understand that leftover and 0 point options have a reason for being like that. Not much public land. Not saying it can’t be done but expect lots of other hunters on the public.
  3. J

    High country mule deer book

    Thank you!
  4. J

    High country mule deer book

    May I ask where you found it? Doesn’t seem to be in stock most places. Thanks.
  5. J

    Horn Hunter Packs?

    I had the horn hunter thing. Switched to the Sawtooth this year. It was a good decision. Way more comfortable when hauling out an animal and not that much more expensive. Mystery Ranch was all 20% off last weekend and I think will be again for Black Friday.
  6. J

    45 reloading issue

    Thanks for the help. I will check it all out
  7. J

    45 reloading issue

    Thanks for all the help
  8. J

    45 reloading issue

    I loaded it. Not sure exactly off the top of my head but they have been fired a few times.
  9. J

    45 reloading issue

    Just got back from the range and had an issue with some reloaded 45 auto. Same issue happened last time but I thought it might have been due to my pistol not being cleaned in awhile. I had about 6 or so rounds out of the 100 I shot not chamber. I would pull the trigger and nothing happened...
  10. J

    Thoughts on the anti-hunting movement

    Exactly my point. All it takes is an activist judge in an anti hunting friendly place to put a stop to hunting. And we literally have social media people bullying corporations into adopting far left ideologies. It won’t be long and there will be serious repercussions on hunting rights.
  11. J

    Thoughts on the anti-hunting movement

    My fear tends to be more in line of what happened with the grizzly hunt in Wyoming. A group of people went to a specific judge they knew would rule in their favor in a different state I might add and closed the hunt down. That scares me. The other thing is the whole power of social media. It...
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    Wyoming Mule Deer 2019

    Nice buck.
  13. J

    2019 Wyo Elk

    Nice bull. Good luck with one for your wife.
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    Buck of the Year?

    Great buck!
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    Onx Wy chip

  16. J

    Onx Wy chip

    1 chip gone
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    Onx Wy chip

    Sent you an email back. Sorry for the delay.
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    Onx Wy chip

    Onx Wy Chip $50 each obo
  19. J

    How much gun is too much?

    Killed plenty with a 300 as well. Shoot in the lungs and have fun.
  20. J

    Lunch meats

    Thanks for all the help. I do not add any fat to my meat. I make snack sticks all the time and do not add any. If I start making summer sausage and salami will I have to add fat or anything?