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    Last nights big one

    That is a beautiful bear, and big!!!.I imagine that was a lot of fun getting him out of the woods.I shot one about 200lbs down by Sebec Lake and it was hell trying to drag him to the point we could hook onto it with a winch off the 4 wheeler.I hope he fell close to a trail for you. :D:D Mike
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    I got my first bear in Maine!!!!!

    Last Monday was the opener for bear season in Maine.I hunted with the folks at Sunset Ridge Outfitters at Sebec Lake in Maine.About ten after seven I shot a beautiful bear that went abot 200lbs or so.What a great hunt.I still can't believe how quiet a bear can be in the woods.It came in to about...
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    Almost ready

    Seems these bears are pretty active this year.I'm going to be hunting with Ben Pinkham at Sunset Ridge outfitters at Sebec Lake in Maine next week.I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!. I talked to him this past weekend and he said they have bears all over the place.He thinks by Monday night we should have had a...
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    Any Good Recipes for Bear

    Mainejac, I know your area pretty well.I've done work in both of the Millinocket mills and at Lincoln Paper over the years.I actually dated a girl from Millinocket for a while years ago.Some good hunting up your way for sure.I'll definately have to see what the week brings, and will certainly...
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    Any Good Recipes for Bear

    Peter, Good to hear from you.Where in Maine do you live?I've spent the last 7 years in sales and have spent at least 2-3 days a week in Maine.Up untill a year ago I was going as far north as Houlton once a week.Chances are pretty good I know where abouts your from.I'll certainly take your #...
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    Any Good Recipes for Bear

    Brownie, My address? Which one, e-mail or street?I'll give both. 241 Clough Pond Rd, Loudon NH 03307. Me E-mail is No Bangor's not that far from here, about 4 hours.I'm going the last week in August which is the opening week in bear season.I'm going to Sebec Lake and hunting...
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    Any Good Recipes for Bear

    Riverwild, Already got that covered.I bought a new rifle back in Jan. just for the trip.I bought a Ruger M77 in 30.06.It's got SS barrel and laminated stock topped with a Leupold Vari-X 3 scope.I told the wife I "HAD" to have it to get that bear.Now that I think about it my Remington 11-87 I...
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    Any Good Recipes for Bear

    Hey Moosie, Be careful with what you write please.If my wife sees your post this may be my only bear hunt.I used the old one "I'm trying to provide good food for my family so I must go on this bear hunt". :D :D I've heard it can be gamey but I've also heard it is pretty good cooked right.I...
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    A couple photo's of bears

    Great pictures and a good job getting those bears!!!!!! Thanks for sharing. :cool:
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    Any Good Recipes for Bear

    Going bear hunting in 8 weeks for my first bear.Anyone have any good bear recipes.I hear it's very good for sausage, any other suggestions would be appreciated. Mike
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    Bullet selection for Black Bears--Please Help!

    The last week in August I will be going on my first bear hunt in Maine.I'll be hunting over bait and the stands are supposed to be set at about 40 yards from the bait.I recently bought a Ruger M77 in 30.06 for the hunt.I'd like to hear from some of you who hunt bear with 30.06 about what you use...
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    Cool old bear pic.

    Great Picture!!!! Can you imagine the anti's if you ever saw a scene like that today.They'd loose it!.The picture does show that hunting certainly has been part of the heritage for a long time, and was a big part of life back then. Going to Maine on a hunt in only 156 days +/- and I cant wait...
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    Need Help Please!?!?!?

    I'd definately go with the choke tube!! If you go with the scope you'll just get a good close-up view of a bird you probably wont kill!!! Happy Hunting. VPHUNTER
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    Bcat,About Something You Brought Up Below

    George, I agree with what Tobey says.I just went to the show at the Shriners Auditorium in Boston last weekend and saw a lot of outfitters.I talked with several for a while.No one was getting deposits, they were just handing out info and answering questions.I talked with an outfitter I met at...
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    South Carolina Turkey Season

    I'm going to Westminster South Carolina in April for a few days of training with my job.Does anyone know when turkey season opens in that area?Does anyone live anywhere near that area that hunts spring turkeys.I would love to combine a day hunt with my business trip. Thanks in Advance for any...
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    Price of Guided hunts

    Hey George P, I'd love to tag along sometime with you and your hounds.I'M also a professional photographer and actually just closed my business due to the birth of my son.I wanted to be able to spend all the time with him I can.I did a lot of weddings which pretty much killed my weekends, and...
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    Price of Guided hunts

    Tobey, I've looked into many, many outfitters for bear hunting in Me over the last couple of months.The average price for what your describing is about $1500. including meals and lodging.The hunts over bait have been ranging from about $800. - $1200. depending where you go.The big difference to...
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    What to look for in a GPS?

    Well now that the 21st century has been here for over a year I think it's time to drag my sorry ass into to 20th century!!!I've begun to hunt/scout a variety of new areas to me and am interested in GPS.I know basically nothing about them other then the obvious that you can set in your locations...
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    wheres all the bear hunters ?

    Beabait, I checked out your site, looks pretty good.You guys are way up north.How far from Ashland?.I used to go to Houlton every week on business up until about seven months ago.Do you do any duck/goose hunts. I'm all set for bear this year but who knows what the future will bring. Happy...
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    Greetin's Y'all!!

    Hey Shag, I hear your neck of the woods is really good turkey land.Is what I'm reading true? If so, how do you guys treat us yankees visiting for a turkey hunt?Your not still pissed about that war are ya?Ha Ha!!. All kidding aside, I was in Georgia once and thought it was one of the most...