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    Hornady .243 brass

    100 pieces of new Hornady .243 brass. $50 shipped
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    S&W 629 classic .44

    I’ve decided to sell my S&W 629 classic .44 mag. I’ve got a hard case and leather holster for it although it doesn’t fit in the holster with the scope. The scope is a Leupold M8-4x E.R. Looking for $775 and a local pickup if possible. I can ship if necessary though.
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    FS- Bino tripod adapter

    I had some leftover materials from making my bino adapter so I made a few extras. $20 shipped
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    Kid carriers

    I’m in the market for backpack to haul my son around and was curious what the HT crew recommends. Before I started my research, it seemed like the Osprey poco was the way to go but I’m not completely sold on it yet. I’ve been comparing the Osprey, Deuter kid comfort 3, and Kelty perfect fit...
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    FS Black Gold Ascent Verdict single pin

    Looking to sell a new black gold ascent verdict single pin slider. I only took it out of the package to check it out and never mounted it. $170 shipped
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    FS .30 cal 190 gr Sierra Matchkings

    Started out as a 500 count box and if my count is correct I’ve got 479 left. Planned on shooting them out of a .300 RSAUM that I ended up selling. $160 shipped to your door
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    FS LH Trophy Ridge React 5 pin

    I’ve got a brand new left hand Troohy Ridge React 5 pin for sale. Was trying to pick up a spare sight but didn’t realize it was a left hand sight and I can’t return it. $90 shipped
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    3d Targets

    Anyone shoot a 3d target in their backyard? I'm looking to keep it under $150 otherwise I would just get a Rinehart without thinking twice. With my budget I was looking at the cabelas deluxe whitetail ($95) and the 4 sided glendel buck ($130). Anyone have any experience with either of these? It...
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    Montana Billy

    Once I figured out I didn't draw any primo tags this year I started sending the usual texts and making calls trying to figure out who drew what. A guy I used to work with, Shayne, ended up drawing the same goat tag I had in '15. Having an obsession for hunting goats, I immediately offered up a...
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    Super Tags

    Anyone get lucky on the super tag drawing? Closest I got was 855...
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    WTS MINOX MD 62W w/20-45 eyepiece

    Looking to sell my Minox spotter. It is a great compact spotter that hasn't seen a whole lot of time in the field so it is in great shape. No scratches or marks on the glass. Comes with case and cap for eyepiece but is missing the objective cap. I upgraded to a Kowa so this one has got to go...
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    Lewistown, MT

    Anyone on here from Lewistown? Looks like I will be moving that way either the end of this month or early April. Been looking at houses and rentals both and the market is not what I was expecting. Everything is priced a little high if you ask me but it is what it is. If anyone has a lead on a...
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    Cancer Benefit Gun Raffle

    A buddy of mine in Colstrip has recently been diagnosed with hodgkin's lymphoma. To help offset his medial costs a few of us have decided to raffle off a rifle. Cortney is an outstanding member of our community and loving husband and father. He's the type of guy that would give you the shirt off...
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    Public land enrolled in Block Management?

    I've noticed several pieces of state land in SE MT that local ranchers will lease for grazing and then turn around and enroll it in type 2 block management. These pieces are not landlocked and are accessible from a country road. How can the state of MT allow a landowner to control who can, and...
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    Fishing around Charleston, SC?

    Just got back from Charleston and am already trying to figure out how to do some fishing next time I go back. I have always wanted to catch a redfish but am curious if it's doable from the shore? A charter trip is an option but would much rather do it on my own. Anyone have any experience...
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    Klamath Falls, OR

    Thinking about applying for a job in Klamath Falls but don't know a whole lot about the area. Anyone on here live there or spent much time there? I would be moving from Eastern Montana so I know the hunting won't be as good but is there any decent hunting opportunity there? Any good fishing? Any...
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    FS: 2- 500 COUNT 7mm 168 gr Berger VLDs

    I have two 500 count boxes of 7mm Berger hunting VLDs for sale. One box has been opened but the other one is still sealed. I sold my 7 mag so they're useless to me now. Lets try $410 shipped for both or $210 shipped per box
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    20 gauge Autoloader?

    Anyone have 20 gauge autoloader? My girlfriend showed some interest in learning to shoot a shotgun so I have started looking. I've got a youth model 870 that would fit her well but she has a birthday coming up and I'm always looking for a reason to buy a new gun. Any input would be greatly...
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    F/S Seek Outside 2 person nest

    Like new Seek Outside 2 person nest for sale. Bought last spring and have only setup in the backyard. Listed on their website $160 so I'll try for $140 shipped. Thanks
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    Interesting opening morning

    So I had an interesting scenario play out on Saturday. I made it to the area I wanted to hunt well before daylight to make sure I would be the first one there. As the sun was coming up we made it to a ridge top about a mile from the pickup and noticed a guy walking our direction. Didn't think...