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  1. J

    Hunting Season is Over!!

    transition to fishing. Work on the minor things to be prepared for next season.
  2. J

    Cheers to a fine season

    It was the only way I was able to harvest this late season bird. Day drinkers are easier targets. :ROFLMAO:
  3. J

    Cheers to a fine season

    For me personally it was one of my best seasons. Enjoyed every trip out this year, put some birds in the freezer, and spent valuable time in the marsh
  4. J


    Sunday the 26th for us...Let the mourning commense
  5. J


    I'm digging it. Nice work. how much longer is your season?
  6. J

    New member

    welcome..picked a good spot to set a spell
  7. J

    Essential Poll

    I meant to submit this one along with the other earlier. Work gets in the way of a good beer conversation
  8. J

    Birds are game too

  9. J

    Mixed bag of ducks

    That's an awesome pair of limits congrats on both.
  10. J

    Essential Poll

    Belgian quad in the winter. Saison, or Kolsch in the other 10 months
  11. J

    How's the weather where you are?

    82 and partly cloudy and cramping duck season.
  12. J

    Birds are game too

  13. J

    Brant's first season

    good lookin pup for sure. here's hoping he keeps that quizzical look through the years in his photo ops.
  14. J

    Snow birds

    Nicely done. Dirtclod pretty sure the snow bird you seek are in The Villages down here rocking the golf carts everywhere they go.
  15. J

    Fun Day

    holy lord look at all them purty birds.
  16. J

    Good Mallard Day

    Hank Shaw tea smoked duck
  17. J

    Idaho Fowl

    we don't get those down here. little jealous I admit it
  18. J

    First phase recap