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    45 reloading issue

    Just got back from the range and had an issue with some reloaded 45 auto. Same issue happened last time but I thought it might have been due to my pistol not being cleaned in awhile. I had about 6 or so rounds out of the 100 I shot not chamber. I would pull the trigger and nothing happened...
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    Onx Wy chip

    Onx Wy Chip $50 each obo
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    Lunch meats

    My goal this year is to actually fill some tags and have enough meat to not only feed the family dinner for the year but to make my own "lunch meats". I am tired of buying that stuff for sandwiches and lunch at work when I don't have leftovers. Anybody else do anything like this? Just make...
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    WY 100-1

    My dad has a WY 100-1 tag for this upcoming season. I live in Pinedale but he is out of state so I will be doing a lot of the scouting for the tag. I have a few ideas of where I want to start and what to look for but would like to bounce some ideas off or get some tips from people who are...
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    New Hunting Rifle advice

    The wife finally gave me the ok to buy a new hunting rifle. I currently have a Remington 783 in 300 win mag. But it tears up my shoulder and is heavy and I am looking to get a 6.5 creedmoor or 7mm 08. I do not want to break the bank but I am looking for a nice rifle for elk, mulies and...
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    Eyesight problems

    My dad is getting older and now wheres reading glasses but has no problem seeing far away. His problems are when he is looking through his rifle scope or bow sight. Without the glasses, the target is clear but the reticle is fuzzy, with the glasses, the opposite is true. Any one else have...
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    How young is too young?

    My wife and I have doe antelope tags. My 3 year old son keeps bugging to come hunting (he is enormous for his size so everyone thinks he is 5 or so). My question to you all is how young were your kids when you started having them tag along. He has no problems hiking and loves to fish but...
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    Hunting bullets: Partition vs ELD X

    I have been using Nosler partitions for elk deer and antelope for a while with great success. I have no reason to switch except that the Hornady eld x hunting bullets are basically half the price of the partitions. I am a cheapskate and right now the wife is staying home to take care of the...
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    Crossbow Broadhead Recommendations

    Just jumped into the world of archery. Great a deal on a crossbow and am looking for some info on some good broadheads. Most of the archery guys I know are back in the midwest and use mechanical broadheads on whitetails. After some research, I have read that mechanical is probably not my best...
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    Brand new to archery

    I could use some help. So here is the deal. I have never shot a bow or crossbow before in my life. I am looking to get started into hunting during the archery season to maximize time in the mountains and up my chances of filling tags. I mostly meat hunt both elk and deer and live in...
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    National Elk Refuge

    Anyone ever hunted the National Elk Refuge? I see they have permission slips for the middle of October still available. I just moved to the Pinedale area so I have no idea how pressure or anything is around there. Would the elk even be there right now? Just looking at all my options on this...
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    Freezing temperatures and Gun powder

    So due to some crazy circumstances (new job trying to move family stuff etc) I have not yet loaded up a batch of ammo for hunting season. I have a recipe all worked up that my rifle likes and I plan on using it so all it will take is a little time at the bench and the range to mark sure...
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    GPS question

    My dad and I are looking at each getting a new GPS for elk hunting here in Wyoming. We want ones that let you see where other people in your party with a gps are just in case we get separated or something. I believe the Garmin Rino gps does this but am not sure. I think that's what they are...
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    Vortex Accessories

    Cleaned out the gun safe and found a few things I have not used at all. They are all never used but without original packaging. All prices are shipped. Vortex Binocular Strap - $15 obo Vortex Strikefire 2x Screw in Doubler - $30 obo I can send pictures if interested. PM if interested.
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    FS Brownells Quick Set Latigo Sling

    Brownells Quick Set Latigo Rifle Sling This is a shooting sling designed to quickly help you steady your rifle. It is cut for use on a Remington 700. Never used in the field. Black with swivels. Check them out at $20 delivered obo.
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    Galco holster for Springfield 9/40

    I have a Galco Gunleather wlk440 holster for sale. It is for a Springfield XD 9mm or .40 sw. The holster is brand new without the packaging. It is an iwb holster with a space fir an extra clip. They sell for about $35. It is yours for $25 shipped obo. Would be willing to trade. Thanks...
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    Looking for advice on new pack

    I am in the market for a new hunting pack. The bookbag I bought at Walmart just isn't cutting it anymore and after hauling out elk quarters by slinging the game bags over my shoulder for miles this season, I want to upgrade. I almost exclusively day hunt, so I am not looking for something to...
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    Diy meat processing suggestions

    My father and I are trying our best to feed our families exclusively with meat and fish we catch and shoot. With that being said, I am looking for some suggestions for what brands of meat grinder, vacuum sealer, and smoker we should look into purchasing. We catch a lot of fish and will be...
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    Off season game plan

    Hello, This was pretty much my first year hunting at all. I just moved to Wyoming and hunted elk almost every weekend from October until this last weekend. With little to no hunting experience, I was hapoy that I lucked into some opportunities at elk. Each one was squandered, but the fact...
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    New binocular advice.

    Hello, I am looking at using my Christmas money to buy new binoculars. It was very clear this year that the ones I was using are just not going to cut it for elk hunting. I do not have the money for top of the line ones, but I was looking at spending around $500. I am looking at the Nikon...