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    I got my first bear in Maine!!!!!

    Last Monday was the opener for bear season in Maine.I hunted with the folks at Sunset Ridge Outfitters at Sebec Lake in Maine.About ten after seven I shot a beautiful bear that went abot 200lbs or so.What a great hunt.I still can't believe how quiet a bear can be in the woods.It came in to about...
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    Any Good Recipes for Bear

    Going bear hunting in 8 weeks for my first bear.Anyone have any good bear recipes.I hear it's very good for sausage, any other suggestions would be appreciated. Mike
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    Bullet selection for Black Bears--Please Help!

    The last week in August I will be going on my first bear hunt in Maine.I'll be hunting over bait and the stands are supposed to be set at about 40 yards from the bait.I recently bought a Ruger M77 in 30.06 for the hunt.I'd like to hear from some of you who hunt bear with 30.06 about what you use...
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    South Carolina Turkey Season

    I'm going to Westminster South Carolina in April for a few days of training with my job.Does anyone know when turkey season opens in that area?Does anyone live anywhere near that area that hunts spring turkeys.I would love to combine a day hunt with my business trip. Thanks in Advance for any...
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    What to look for in a GPS?

    Well now that the 21st century has been here for over a year I think it's time to drag my sorry ass into to 20th century!!!I've begun to hunt/scout a variety of new areas to me and am interested in GPS.I know basically nothing about them other then the obvious that you can set in your locations...
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    Spring Snow Goose Hunt

    I just read an article about the spring snow geese hunts in the central states.I live in NH and am wondering if anyone knows what states closest to NH have a spring season.The article said there are 24 states that have spring seasons but weren't smart enough to tell us which ones.Any help would...