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    pro ears electronic hearing protection

    i have a set of pro ears pro hunter hearing protection i'd like to sell. i've had them for about two years and used them probably six times. they work excellent! i bought them to use with my bench gun but i rarely bech shot anymore. the only reason i'm selling them is because i have my eye on...
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    getting banned???

    i caught the tail end of a news piece about legislation to ban the use of dogs and/or baiting. has anyone else heard of this and can you offer anymore info on this. (i have a hound hunt next sept. and want to know if this is going to affect me) cc
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    P&Y vs. B&C...what's the difference??

    when do you use pope and young and when do you use boone and crocket? and what is the diference? cc
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    scents and baiting??

    this is sort of related to my post below. for those of you that have used bait to hunt bears have you used a scent to either pre-scent your bait site or as an added lure? have you ever just used ONLY the scent? and maybe it depends on the time of year but wouldn't a "food scent" at a bait site...
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    does anyone know where i can find a NON FOOD bear attractant? use of scents to hunt with can be used in california ONLY if it is not a food scent meaning it has to be a hormone or sex attractant. can you help me find a legal scent? cc <FONT COLOR="#800080" SIZE="1">[ 07 November 2001 20:13...
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    reccomend a bow for a rookie???

    can someone reccomend a bow for me. i have never shot a bow and have NO idea what to look for or what i need. how heavy should the raw be? and what is considered a good group? i plan to use the bow for bear when i am ready. (it's sort of a long story as to how i have come to look into getting a bow)
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    dogs bears and rifles

    do you guys use a scoped gun to shoot the bears you guys get with dogs? if so where do you sight in your scope?
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    scent locking?

    i have questions about scent locking. do you use it? does it really work? does the detergent and soaps work as well as the clothing? if i were to get a scentlocked jacket could i just get the scent away spray and spray my pants and be ok? with the soapsand detergents how long does it last before...
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    straight arrow outfitters???

    anybody have any info on these guys, good and/or bad? there in houlton, maine.
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    mainly MAINE but appies in other states???

    are remote camps more productive then a regular camp? and if you are bait hunting in an area that has NOT been hunted before does that mean more bears or less bears. don't you have to get the bears to come in a pattern first? i mean get used to the area having easy food. and i was told today...
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    bait and the unlucky ones??

    what is the reason that some guys that sit on baits not tack a bear? it would seem that as long as the bear comes you just have to shoot. what is the most common mistake hunters make or could avoid to improve their chances while sitting on a bait site?
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    gregory backpack and related stuff 4 sale...

    i have a gregory palisade backpack that i would like to sell. i just got the pack a couple months ago to do some scouting and hunting in a local wilderness area, but things have changed and i am now going on a guided hunt in idaho with buckshot outfitters.anyway i have used the back three times...
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    how can i help calif?

    reading ithica's article got me wondering how i could get california dept. fish and game to transplant more turkeys in southern california. can anybody help? there are a couple spots were turkeys have been planted but fires have spead them out and their population is sparse here in souther n...
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    how big was your first?

    how big was the first bear you took?
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    your first bear/lion dog??

    what was your first hunting dog for bear or mt. lion? and how old where you? did you have any experince and how did you get started? and what about the first dog you lost to a bear or mt. lion?
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    feeding cycle??

    i think i read somewhere that if you have a bait site and a bear comes in it will be 4 or 5 days till he comes back around again. is this true and what are your experiances with this?
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    ?? FOR THE PRO'S

    have any of you guys that have baited ever used a game camera at the bait site? how effective do you think it would be and do you think the flash would spook the bear? <FONT COLOR="#800080" SIZE="1">[ 24 July 2001 13:02: Message edited by: californiacoyotes ]</font>
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    when's your mt.lion season?

    what state are you in and when and how long is it is your mt. lion season? <FONT COLOR="#800080" SIZE="1">[ 20 July 2001 13:07: Message edited by: californiacoyotes ]</font>
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    i was talking to a guy at work about hunting big game(elk, moose, buffalo, ect.)and he said that he thought that buffalo would be an easy hunt, "like shooting a cow" because they are so big and "every time you see them they are in a herd". it kind of makes sense but has anybody here hunted...
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    russell pond outfitters in north idaho???

    anybody know anything about them and their bear hunts?