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    Hummingbird Helix 8 g3n

    I’m looking to sell two hummingbird helix 8s. I’d like to get $650 each. They are brand new with transducer never put on a boat. I bought two of these and two of the 7s and for the size of my console I’m going to use the 7” instead. Figured I’d check here before I have my wife do eBay.
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    cooking duskys

    So what is everyones favorite way to cook this grouse ? I have one being mounted and 2 skinned whole.
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    Calls in rifle season

    I am thinking I should have a cow call or 2 to stop an elk if they are coming past me ? I use a lot of mouth calls turkey hunting and am pretty good with them but never touched an elk call. I use TOP calls, they have a metal band in them I can bend and fit to my mouth. Do the rocky mountain...
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    PA elk

    My son, Dad and I made a trip out to see some elk over the weekend. It was hot like in the 90s but we got there around 5:30am and stayed until 8:15am saw around 10 elk and 30ish deer. Thought I'd share some photos for everyone.
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    Hunting / camping unit 70 CO

    I drew a first rifle either sex tag for unit 70 Colorado. My plans are looking like hunting the areas between the lone cone / little cone... I’m thinking camping on the F/S ground down by the miramonte reservoir. Is this a good place to start ? I think I want to camp lower in elevation and drive...
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    Wyoming app question

    Seeing as both are full price can I apply for a type 1 tag first and then that units type 4 tag as a second choice ? Thanks
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    Picking a Colorado unit ?

    I am trying to decide on a unit for first rifle next year. I am looking at 62 and 70 and just had a few questions. I like the odds in 70 better at 50% and I can hunt either sex. But it looks like most of the elk are in the east side of the unit that is checker board to say the least. I'm...
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    My last day buck

    I took the last week of archery off to hunt the rut, after passing a few deer, heavy rain a few times and a miss I was starting to think things were not going to come together. PA extended the archery season until Monday the 12th this year so I thought well I may as well stay another day and...
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    Barnes ttsx mushroom ?

    This is the bullet I got out of my moose. I expected more of a mushroom I guess. Is this the results others have had with the ttsx ? It's a 168 out of a 300 wsm.
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    Got a newfoundland moose

    We had a great time in Canada this year, the drive and ferry all went smooth. We had to change plans and fly out early due to some bad weather and changed our trip back to Nova Scotia on the ferry. doing this we lost our room to sleep but after sleeping up front in the "waiting room" it wasn't...
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    Another grizz attack

    I just read on another site of a grizzly attack in Montana...
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    Helly Hanson

    Who wears the Helly Hanson rain gear and what ones do you wear ? I'm looking at the different bibs they have for a moose hunt this fall. I have packable rain gear to keep in my bag for showers but though of these in case of all day rain.
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    maine lobster

    Dose anyone know of a place to buy lobster on my way home from my Canada moose hunt this October ? I will be coming through Maine Oct 10th ish. I was looking for a reasonable price to swing by and fill a cooler on the way home, I hear they can be bought by stopping by the docks but would like a...
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    case sticking in die ?

    I'm new to reloading, that said I have used spray lube of the case and when I press it in the resize and de prime die it goes in fine and come almost out then gets stuck. I'm not seeing any marks of the brass that show me it is sticking somewhere. Do any of you guys run into this or have a...
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    Colorado pronghorn

    I was going through doing my applications and got to thinking about Colorado pronghorn. Is it a state worth applying for ? I think of pronghorn and send my money to Wyoming. How many people hunt Colorado and do you think it's worth it to add to the list ?
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    meat bags for bear ?

    What size meat bags would you get for a bear hunt ? I'm thinking elk size but wanted to see what you guys that have packed bear out think. Thanks
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    Why not sell some land ?

    First please don't attack me as I'm trying to learn more on the public land transfer to private but in Wyoming I found there is a #&%^ ton of "public" land that you or I can not get to without paying a trespass fee or an outfitter to access the land we pay for.. "landlocked" Why not sell that...
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    newfoundland moose

    I want to book a hunt this year for the 2019 season. Who do I go with ? I would like to hear what others have to say on trips they took. I'll be driving up from PA and taking the ferry across.... Also would you recommend adding a bear tag to the hunt ? It will be with a rifle. Thanks everyone
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    unit 71/711 colorado

    I know it is early but we are planning a first rifle elk hunt in these units next year. I was wondering if anyone here has hunted it and how they have done. I've heard it is pretty crowded but I think being first rifle should help with that. The maps I saw look like there is a lot of atv roads...
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    Off to Wyoming

    Well after a very long year and only a few days off the time has come. I'm finishing my coffee and we're on the road to Wyoming. Dad's not excited about the drive but I hope he dose ok, only 26 hours drive time. I'm hoping to be hunting antelope tomorrow afternoon. Good luck everyone and drive...